Tuesday, 13 September 2016

♕ Warwick Castle ♕

Eek! I'm very behind on blogging! Here is Warwick Castle! I went here after I saw Stratford-upon-Avon. When I went there it was full of children because it was the summer holidays and, of course with the rare decent weather, everyone flocked there for a family day.

The castle is very commercial, which is a shame in some respects. However with the modern day world it's done very well in attracting visitors and staying maintained. Imagine the upkeep on a castle!

When I arrived, I went straight for a late lunch at the garden tea room. The surrounding gardens are lovely. Like a tiny Versailles.

Replica of a giant catapult.

Castle from various angles. The photo below show the "courtyard" I suppose. The main building is on the right.

You can just see the jousting demonstration in the distance in the photo above. They had all sorts of scheduled events every day such as falconry and medieval demonstrations such as sword fighting.

After exploring the gardens, I went into the state rooms -- I don't have many photos because you can't use flash and many rooms were too dark to get any wobble free images. Here's what I have:

They have many suits of armor which are all very detailed and totally impractical for war, I'm sure. It must have been such a battle in the day to keep them from rusting, no pun intended.

Imagine how much weight the poor horse has to carry!

At the top left, you can see a suit of armor designed to fit a six year old. It was super cute, I imagine very uncomfortable!

I know Madame Tussaud is associated with the castle, which explains the wax figures in the state rooms. Here is Henry VIII.

Ceilings were beautiful.

This was my favourite room. It had pale blue satin walls with gold portraits and trimmings. It looked so fancy.

This is apparently the famous porridge pot.

According to legend, the porridge pot belonged to the Anglo-Saxon giant Guy of Warwick and was used as a cooking pot. The pot, however, is recorded as being gifted by the 1st Earl of Shrewsbury to the 13th Earl of Warwick in 1425. The porridge pot is forged from bell metal, the same bronze metal used to forge medieval bells. Between 1695 and 1978, the porridge pot was used to serve alcoholic drinks at the Greville's grand house parties. Essentially a medieval punch bowl!

Some lovely yellow stain glass in one of the corridors.

Me having an impromptu photo. I scared myself at first because I didn't realise it was a mirror and I thought a stranger was approaching me.

I then climbed the outer walls of the castle and got great angles of the property. In some pictures it looks very high.

Picture from one of the "turrets"? I'm not sure what parts of the castle are called. As you can see, I went when the weather was PERFECT. Its such a photogenic castle (despite the 1000+ kids and tourists).

A picture of the town of Warwick. I didn't stay long in Warwick as it was the late in the day and many things were closed. I got a bus back to Stratford-upon-Avon from here.

So yeah! That was Warwick Castle, I recommend it -- just go when it isn't school holidays.

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