Thursday, 18 August 2016

⌘ SHAKESPEARE'S Stratford-upon-Avon ⌘

 I went to see Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-Avon, which is considered a "mecca for all lovers of literature". Big tick in the done list
This is part one of my Stratford-upon-Avon / Warwick Castle day trip.

As usual, I left super early this time from Marylebone Station. The trip was easy enough: majority spent getting to Leamington Spa and switched over for a shorter journey to Stratford-upon-Avon. The town is dinky and really old. Very photogenic and magicalical -- like something from Harry Potter.

Map from pamphlet shows how little it is.

And this is one side of Shakespeare's home! Sorry it's not a complete shot, its quite big and my camera is not wide enough. I'm just thankful I have only three tourists in it opposed to the 1000 beyond the frame -- I was lucky it was drizzly weather.

Shakespeare's street.

This building is part of Shakespeare's trust.
When I went into the exhibition they had some novelty Shakespeare items on display. I love the deck of cards!

Comedy of Errors in print.

There are no direct descendants of Shakespeare. His granddaughter Elizabeth was the last of his line.

And this is the entrance to Shakespeare's house, again I was lucky it was raining and got a tourist-free shot. Literally a second before I took this picture, a tourist went inside.

Shakespeare's father was a glove maker and must have been making okay money because the house was not how I expected a "medieval hovel" to be. They just need wifi and I'd be sorted to move in.

First room: This was a bedroom of sorts, there was a fire place and this four poster bed.
Wall in first room.

Second room: the Hall - where Shakespeare and his family would've eaten together. They would've have bread, pottage which is a savory type of porridge. As a wealthier family they would have also eaten fish, chicken and other meats. Apparently in the day, there were only spoons and the spoons were supposedly carried around by each person like a personal accessory. You'd be prepared for spontaneous feeding!

Third room: Glove workshop with an actor to add to that rustic feeling.

Gloves were more expensive than mittens for obvious reasons.

Room Four: Dibs on this bedroom. I love the wall paper

I doubt the floor is completely original from Shakespeare's time but it is very cool looking with mismatched pieces.
 There was a children's room upstairs which contained the original glass from the windows. Many people have etched their names in it as a sort of guest book to show they came on a pilgrimage to see Shakespeare's roots. This includes Henry Irving who was an English stage actor in Victorian times.

You can see Henry Irving's signature in the top left corner.

Loft in upstairs bedroom.

SWAN AND MAIDENHEAD sign for the Inn Shakespeare opened.

More old etches in the glass.

Isn't this window catch beautiful!


Outside Shakespeare's house from another angle.

And that's all for now on Shakespeare's house. I will update again with Shakepeare's home, church and Warwick castle.

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