Wednesday, 10 August 2016


This passed weekend I went to Oxford, I felt it was appropriate since I'd been to Cambridge the week earlier and they seem like sister towns. They look so similar its incredible. I had a great time here and highly recommend it for a quick day out.

This was the view from the bridge that lead from the station to the town.

This was my first view of the city when walking from the station to the city centre. Loads of really spectacular old buildings, which are also very well maintained. The buildings are made from honey coloured limestone called Headington stone as they are from the Headington Quarry near Oxford.

Once again, I took the CitySiteSeeing Hop On Hop Off bus tour. Its very informative and, while Oxford is small, it allowed me "resting time" going in a loop and just listening to the audio.

Balliol College.

St. Giles War Memorial Cross which is in remembrance of those who died WWI & WWII.
I briefly went to see the Christ Church and surrounding grounds. I didn't go in for two reasons:
1. There was a massive queue of tourists and
2. I didn't want to wait in the line when the weather was so glorious.

It's a beautiful place and I know it's hall and stair case was used in the Harry Potter movies. Additionally, in the stain glass windows are depictions of characters from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

Alice's character was based on a real girl called Alice Liddell, who Lewis Carroll (a.k.a Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) used to tell stories to. The father of Alice Liddell was the dean at Christ Church. Just opposite Christ Church is the sweet shop Alice Liddell used to go to buy her barley-sugars.

It's a tiny little shop, I bought some post cards and had a general poke around.

The gardens at Christ Church.

Christ Church again, you can see the line in the distance, it extended down the path at least another twenty metres.
I loved all the ivy in both Cambridge and Oxford. It is so beautiful.

I climbed the tower at St. Michael's to see the view of the city. It's quite funny because this is one of the few "high" towers in Oxford and it's tiny compared to buildings in the 21st century.

Sorry this picture is a bit blurry, I was in the bus, but this is the Head of the River pub near the Folly Bridge. In the information centre there is a small exhibition about significant things that have come from Oxford.

Of course we already know the significance of Alice in Wonderland, however this was also the origin of the Morris car founded by William Morris.

Carfax Tower.

This building was fantastic, it was decorated in very detailed demons and monks picking their noses!

Sheldonian Theatre, which is another creation by Christopher Wren.

Hertford Bridge, which is another bridge with the nickname "Bridge of Sighs". I saw the Cambridge version the week before.

Sheldonian Theatre
Around the Sheldonian Theatre and nearby railings is this knitted flora and fauna. It's amazing how much effort must have gone into creating this highly detailed art. It reminds me of Guerilla Knitting where you yarn bomb urban areas.

Courtyard of the Bodleian Library.
These pastel shops are so cute!

Entrance to Oxford Botanic Gardens.

Well, that's all my photos (actually, I lie I have loads more but I figure this enough). This is such a super trip and I'd be tempted to go again in the future, perhaps spend the night at Christ Church when the student digs are empty at summer.

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