Thursday, 2 June 2016

✯✰ Marilyn Munroe Exhibition ✰✯

✯✰ So the other day I went to see the Marilyn Monroe exhibition being held at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. It was a small show of items collected that are going to be auctioned off. It only takes an hour to look at everything however it is free and you can take photos, which is nice for London. ✰✯

I can't say much about this car because I must have missed the information plaque. All I can say is that it is vintage, red , called a Sprite and is somehow connected to Marilyn Monroe. I tried to google it but didn't get solid answers.

 I've got a few pictures here and I will write what the information plaques said in the caption below.
✯✰ Marilyn Montoe not on Beverly Hills Hotel stationary - A single page of hotel stationary notepaper, folded down the centre of the page. There are multiple marginal notes, but the main body of text reads like a poem and appears to be a mantra like acting relaxation exercise reading in part, "Keep the balloon, and / Dare not to worry / let go - so loose / They you pick up / Stretch into your tone..." and "Let go of my / eyes - / so relaxed / only let / my thought / come through / them without / doing any / thing to / them. $8,000 - $12,000 ✰✯

✯✰ Marilyn Monroe letter to Lee Strasberg - A tuped letter signed from Monroe to mentor Lee Strasberg dated December 19, 1961, Asking Strasberg, his wife Paula and children Susan and Johnny to consider relocating to California to be part of a new production company Monroe was developing in partnership with fellow Actors Studio Alumni Marlon Brando. The letter is signed in Monroe's hand. $10,000 - $20,000 ✰✯

✯✰ Marilyn Monroe BUS STOP costume - Jade green embellished satin leotard worn by Marilyn Monroe while singing "That Old Black Magic" in a saloon scene in Bus Stop. It wasn't specially made for Marilyn it was in fact an outfit she pulled from the studio archives as she believe the used and slightly tattered clothing would be more representative of the wardrobe of her character, Cherie. $80,000 - $100,000 ✰✯

✯✰ Marilyn Monroe SOME LIKE IT HOT Cocktail dress - Was worn while singing "I'm Through with Love" atop a grand piono in Billy Wilder's movie 1959. The dress is composed of black souffle and nude silk jersey embellished with columns of jet-like beads and sequins, scattered beaded butterfly appliques and beaded fringes. It was considered extremely daring for the day. $200,000 - $400,000 ✰✯

✯✰ Marilyn Monroe GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES costume - A black sequined dance leotard worn by Marilyn Monroe as 'Lorelei Lee' in Gentlemen prefer blondes. The costume consists of a black satin boned leotard embellished back sequins in a vermicelli pattern and rhinestone trim with dangling teardrop rhinestone and matching black sequin bicorne hat. The costume is not in the final cut of the film but Monroe and co-star Jane Russell wear these costumes in the film's official trailer and several publicity images. Accompanied b artificial pink roses that are not original to the costume and studio image. $20,000 - $40,000 ✰✯
Imagine! Compared to today's celebrity fashion the cocktail dress is positively demure! Apparently Marilyn had to be lifted onto the piano because the dress was so form fitting. I've stuck the scene where the dress has been work in Some Like It Hot.

✰✯ Marilyn Monroe's Lipstick - A gold metal plated lid embellished with round prong set rhinestones. The tube contains a used stick of "Bachelor's Carnation" by Revlon, "Non-Smear type, N. 1947. Dist. Revlon N.Y. $3,000 - $5,000 ✰✯
Wanna buy anything? Considering the prices on the information plaques you have to really love Marilyn Monroe. I'll sign this off with a Marilyn quote (because it feels appropriate to do so):

"I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful."


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