Thursday, 14 April 2016

The London Coffee Festival 2016

For my birthday I went to the London Coffee festival. It was great and I managed to tick off another thing I've always wanted to do but had no time in the past. I did this on the 7th of April -- over a week ago. The reason I haven't posted this is because I want to annotate the photos, but unless I post what I have this will never reach the light of your monitors. So I'm just going to post this picture heavy page.

Essentially the festival was a convention where suppliers of machinery and produce showed their wares. Additionally, there were Master Baristas competing and sharing their experience with guests.

VIP lounge.

Coffee cupping session.

Love this machine! I want one!!!

I bought a bag of Bauhaus coffee for my housemate. I was just charmed by the name.

Coffee sampling of Bauhaus beans / barista.

A Master face off! They did a cupping session to figure out where the beans were from, followed by properly extracting the beans and then a coffee based cocktail.

And they had artsy things available as we were in Shoreditch afterall.

Coffee made with oat milk. It was quite tasty!

So that it. I may come back to this post and embellish it when I have the time.


Stefanie McKnight said...

Looks like it was interesting and fun

Oni said...

It was. Was thoroughly caffeinated by the end.