Monday, 14 March 2016

Weekend Weddings

Last weekend I was involved with two weddings, both were beautiful though the second wedding was my favourite design wise. Enjoy the photos.


  Cake was a white chocolate confection. The florist took over an hour to arrange all those blooms. The same flowers were used to decorate the room, as seen on the candelabra in the picture below.

Celebratory bubbles after the ceremony.


This was such a well designed wedding. The theme was pastel colours and board games, which has no link however they made it work. I really like the use of vintage and natural materials. Here are some pictures from the wedding. I'm limited when working when it comes to taking photos because time is always a interrupting factor.

Buttonhole arrangements of succulents. They were all slightly different which was nice.

Table center pieces. Every table had a different colour, there was: Mint, Pink, Blue, Cream, Gold and Copper. Gold was the bridal table.

The room had been decorated with pastel pom poms and pink / mint uplighters. It was lovely (though very girly).

The cake was lovely! It was a "remix" of the usual three tired cake. As you can see, they were each on their own wooden plinth. The cake also had the owl and the pussycat in a pea green boat. It was super cute.

As for the couple, they were a delight and it was awesome to be there on their special day. Loveliest bride too! She was very pretty with a gorgeous dress that came under the knee -- it was very 50s inspired.


Wednesday, 9 March 2016