Sunday, 14 February 2016

♔ Windsor Castle ♔

So I went on a day tour the other day. It was with Premium Tours via

The places we went to were: Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Lacock and Bath in that order. It was a very long day. Here are some photos of Windsor Castle. I figured this post would be too long if I do everything all at once so I'll publish the rest of the places in the coming days.

 Windsor castle as you walk through the main gates.

Apparently Queen Elizabeth II is very fond of this palace as she spent a lot of her youth here.  I just read up about her and here are a few facts I found very interesting: she joined the Woman's Auxiliary Territorial Service and was trained as a driver and mechanic! She is also the longest ruling monarch after recently surpassing Queen Victoria. The first Prime Minister she gave audience to was Winston Churchill. Not many people could trump her CV.

The details in this castle is awesome. Look at the little gold crown above the light.

View out over London.
 I managed a few sneaky shots inside the State Apartments as, alas, they had a no photo policy (like so many places in Europe).

This is the Garter Throne Room where the Garter members have their meetings!

The Chapel where I found King Henry VIII's grave!
I've borrowed this picture of the grave as we couldn't take photos in the chapel either. The website it's from is linked HERE and has some interesting information about King Henry VIII's death if anyone's interested. Considering he was such a decadent King, he undoubtedly would've hated his unremarkable grave.

Also so one of those stereotypical London guards. I don't know how they see as the hat literally covers their eyes. One would think this totally impractical.

Because I couldn't get any photos inside, I've put a YouTube video here so anyone can see how glorious it is inside. It's got some good facts too.

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