Monday, 29 February 2016


This is a continuation post of my day tour. We went to Lacock for lunch which is apparently one of the three prettiest villages in England. The village was used in Jane Austin movies/tv series as well as Downton Abbey (admittedly, none of which I've watched or have much interest in).

While I've provided quite a lot of photos don't be misled; it's literally four streets. I felt quite anxious being in such a small place. I don't think it could really be considered anything however it has what is required to be considered a village: it has a church and pub.

Speaking of pub, when we arrived we went to the George Inn for lunch.

 The tour guide recommended we try the Ale which is typical English bitters. It was okay, essentially flat beer that is not chilled. I also had the fish and chips. It was average.

 I thought this was cute! Someone selling their homemade goods on an honesty box system.

 This is the high street!!!!!!!! OMG teeny tiny.

 Spring is on the way!

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