Thursday, 4 February 2016

Day 8》Florence

We travelled from Rome to Florence and it was a relatively short trip of three or so hours. When we arrived in Florence we went straight into town.

Florence is famous for leather and flowers. Our first stop in town was to Leonardo leather works. There we had an explanation about genuine leather and we're shown the history and steps.of leather making in Florence. They showed the Florence jewellery box which is made of moulded pieces of leather and it is very curvy. It's supposed to represent the hills of Florence.

After we went to meet our walking tour guide called Elsa. She was very friendly with a good sense of humour. She had a lot of information on Florence and said it was named after flowers. The city itself is quite small. Apparently it can't have a subway because they elevated the land to reduce flooding by packing the houses and temples under the square with dirt and filling in the surrounding area after which they rebuilt the city. Also saw the jewellery bridge (sorry I can't remember the name). It was literally a stone bridge lined with jewellery stores.

Once the tour was over we wondered around. We saw the cathedral there which was beautiful. The outside was my favourite as it was inlaid with many colours if marble and semi precious stones. Inside it had lovely frescos and more mosaic like inlay. We also saw the flea market but this was unremarkable. 

Heading back to the meeting point we had the most amazing Gelato from a store that had a chocolate waterfall. The flavours I had were chocolatey nougatine and cappuccino. So delicious!

We went to our hotel which was really nice. We had time to refresh ourselves before we went off to dinner at a lovely restaurant outside Florence. The dinner consisted of typical Italian food: bread, bruchetta, cured meats, pasta and the most device strips of beef on a bed of rocket. So amazing. The wine bottles they served were 1.5 litres big! They had a live singer who played the piano as well as an operation singer who serenaded us with Amore and other classic Italian tunes. It was good fun.

After we headed back to the city for a nightclub. There was karaoke and dancing. I didn't stay long and departed at midnight with some others. It was so difficult to get a taxi!

I was so pleased when I got back to my room to relax. It was a great day again.

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