Thursday, 4 February 2016

Day 7》ROMA!

We travelled to the center of Rome using public transport because Vanya (our bus driver) legally had to take a break from driving the bus. We took another bus to the local train station and took a train to Ville Aurora and hopped on the metro. From there we went to the Colosseo stop so we could view the colosseum.

First we did the ruin site near the colosseum. We had a local guide called Maura. She was very sweet and enthusiastic about history. That being said she was intense with the information and seemed unable to stop chatting. Once we got to the colosseum  (twenty minutes late) we were able to wander around. The structure is so impressive! It would have been an incredible sight in its day.

Back when Rome was a pagan nation they held tournaments with the slaves from gladiator houses. They would fight each other and animals for the chance to win their freedom and become citizens of Rome. While movies / tv projects the idea that gladiators did many fights the reality is that they likely did four a year--and this is if they were lucky.

We had free time after this. I simply wandered around taking in the sights before having lunch. We met with our tour manager Anna at the Colosseo metro stop and made the trip up to the Vatican City.
The Vatican City is an impressive establishment. It is considered it's own state and has its own currency. Crazy! We met our tour guide and we were given an ear phone pack so that we were able to hear our guide no matter the crowds or noise.

We started with the courtyard and viewed the iconic dome. Inside the building we went from one lavish room to the next. The Sisteen Chapel is unreal! I couldn't take photos as this was not allowed. Michelangelo designed and painted the ceiling mural. It took him a rediculous amount of time and he had to research the best method of fresco technique as he struggled to stop the art from falling off the ceiling.

After the Vatican we had free time. I went off to see the Spanish Steps however this was disappointing as there was construction around it and we couldn't go up to see the view. Instead we went for dinner at a nice restaurant and departed for the meeting point back to our hotel. I had an awesome pizza.
We went back to Moe's Bar and socialised with steins of beer. And that's it for Rome. It was great although it was quite dirty and (once again) occupied by selfie stick sellers.

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