Sunday, 7 February 2016

Day 11》PARIS!

Oh boy, what a great day this was!!! We had breakfast at the hotel before departing for a quick city bus tour where Anna pointed out the main landmarks. I wanted to take photos but it was too difficult. Nonetheless, I have enough photos of my day. Our first stop as a group was to the Musée du Parfum Fragonard. It was a brief but interesting tour that show the history of perfume making as well as outlining the difference between toilette and perfume. If someone wants to become a perfumer they need to study in the south of France at a place for Grasse.

After this we went straight to the Eiffel tower for our 11AM booking. There was less tourists than the last time I came to Paris due to it being Winter. We got a lift up to the second level where we had a brief look around and then we continued up to the top level. The view is amazing! Another big tourist adventure ticked off the bucket list :)

I've got the standard tourist shot of the Eiffel Tower and I figured I better take one with me in it to keep the Family happy.

I look like a dork.

And here are the pictures of the view (as well as another tourist shot *cringe*).

It was really quite windy up their. Apparently they close the top levels if it is too windy. I can't imagine what constitutes as "too windy" it was really icy and strong up there as it was.

Don't I look happy despite the strong winds.
After the Eiffel tower the group separated and did their own thing during the free time. I chose to go to Sacré-Cœur at Montmartre. I'd previously been there and really liked it so I wanted to relax and spend the day there. I took the Metro from the Eiffel Tower. Just to be detailed I took the number 12 line up to Étoile and then the number 2 to Anvers.

My first activity was to take this dinky train tour "Le Petit Train de Montmartre". It was very rattly and bumpy but I liked that it condensed Montmartre and gave me ideas on what to do if I come back to Paris.

I had lunch at a small café where I had a savory crepe of jambon, fromage, salade et pomme frites avec café au lait. It was delicious. I then went into Sacré-Cœur and was overwhelmed by the choir singing an awesome gothic-y song. Unfortunately we weren't able to take photos so I don't have anything to show you. I did light a candle and got a post card for my souvenir collection.

View of Paris from Montmartre
From Montmartre I got the Metro to Place de la Concorde where we met the group and went back to the hotel to prepare for Moulin Rouge.

One word for Moulin Rouge = WOW.  Firstly the venue was beautiful with draped fabric ceilings, red lamps, glittery curtains and a mysterious ambiance.

As for the food and performance I was completely astounded and it blew my expectations. I wish I had photos but once again this was forbidden. We had a three course dinner to start with. My choices were the starter of smoked salmon with yoghurt. Mains was sirloin steak with potatos and mushroom. Dessert seemed to be a moussy / cake confection which I have no idea how to describe. We were given wine and when the show started a glass of champagne.

While I couldn't take photos, I managed to find the exact show that we watched on YouTube (I'm so happy to be able to share this!).

After the dinner we went to a bar right next door and socialised together as it was our final night together. I had a lot of fun dancing and reminiscing on the previous 11 days.

What an epic finale to a brilliant holiday.


Stefanie McKnight said...

HOLY SHAMOLY! That show looks incredible! I loved the snippet of the chick in the water tank with the snake!

Oni said...

It was pretty awesome. Totally blew my mind.