Sunday, 7 February 2016

Day 10》Lucerne to Paris

The day started early again.

Since we missed out the night before, we got to visit the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) and Lion Monument. The bridge is rather simplistic compared to the bridges previously seen in Europe. It has modern art painted on the ceiling supports. While I didn't find it very remarkable it is interesting considering it is completely made from wood.

In contrast, the Lion Monument is spectacular! It is a rock relief of a gorgeously detailed lion above a pond. It was created to commemorate the Swiss Guard soldiers who died in the 1792 battle when the revolutionaries stormed Tuileries Palace during the French Revolution.

After the group disbursed we had 45 minutes in Lucern. It was the first day of their "carnival" which is very different to the carnival in Venice. It's good luck that we got to see it because if we were on time the previous night we would never have had free time in the morning. So our delay was a serendipitous occurrence. It is called Fasnacht and it is when the Swiss people dress up (and I mean they really go all out) with grotesque masks and outfits. While the Venician carnival was beautiful this one is comic and bizarre is meant to farewell the winter and scare the devil.

I'm not kidding, but the people were drunk at 08:30 in the morning! There were DJs', boom boxes and ravers all over the city. It had been transformed from a typical pristine Swiss city to a Halloween delight with confetti littering the streets and amazing floats for the parade. A savage on top of a hovel float threw a dismembered leg at me. Then he expected me to throw it back! Cheeky. (I did because I'm nice).

Tree in the square.

After that we started our long journey to Paris. When we arrived at the Ibis in the evening we had an included three course dinner and I promptly went to bed.

Tomorrows itinerary:

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