Monday, 29 February 2016


This is a continuation post of my day tour. We went to Lacock for lunch which is apparently one of the three prettiest villages in England. The village was used in Jane Austin movies/tv series as well as Downton Abbey (admittedly, none of which I've watched or have much interest in).

While I've provided quite a lot of photos don't be misled; it's literally four streets. I felt quite anxious being in such a small place. I don't think it could really be considered anything however it has what is required to be considered a village: it has a church and pub.

Speaking of pub, when we arrived we went to the George Inn for lunch.

 The tour guide recommended we try the Ale which is typical English bitters. It was okay, essentially flat beer that is not chilled. I also had the fish and chips. It was average.

 I thought this was cute! Someone selling their homemade goods on an honesty box system.

 This is the high street!!!!!!!! OMG teeny tiny.

 Spring is on the way!

Monday, 22 February 2016


Went to see Deadpool at Genesis Cinema in White Chapel. Loved it. Deadpool is the ultimate anti-hero with a demented sense of humor. You can't help but like him despite the fact he is essentially a murderer. I would recommend it as it is a unique twist on the usual Marvel movie formula. The only negative was the gruesome torture of Deadpool and rather gross fight scenes. I'm quite squeamish when it comes to blood and sadism but I acknowledge that it is a part of Deadpool's character. It is rated for over 15s,  so I can't really complain that I wasn't prepared for violence.

I won't go on as it would spoil the plot.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Another bucket list item ticked off

And wasn't the weather perfect! Yes, it was still cold however the pictures are wonderful almost like a wallpaper from a computer or something. I can't take all the credit, they are very photogenic rocks and they've had a lot of practice modeling. The tour arrived here after an hours drive from Windsor Castle. It is located on the Salisbury Plain which is a very flat area of England which has a lot of agriculture due to the lack of forest  -- I'm sure this convinced the ancient Britain's the land was "special" since it is now an area of great archaeological importance.

In the distance of this photo you can see the burial mounds which is where they ancient Britons buried their deceased.

The Heel Stone / Friar Stone, the origin of the name is a bit of a mystery. Some say it is a corruption of Freyja after the Norse goddess.

And is is in the middle of no where. The country side was so pretty and I really enjoyed getting out of the hustle of London. I'll update again soon with Lacock and Bath.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

♔ Windsor Castle ♔

So I went on a day tour the other day. It was with Premium Tours via

The places we went to were: Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Lacock and Bath in that order. It was a very long day. Here are some photos of Windsor Castle. I figured this post would be too long if I do everything all at once so I'll publish the rest of the places in the coming days.

 Windsor castle as you walk through the main gates.

Apparently Queen Elizabeth II is very fond of this palace as she spent a lot of her youth here.  I just read up about her and here are a few facts I found very interesting: she joined the Woman's Auxiliary Territorial Service and was trained as a driver and mechanic! She is also the longest ruling monarch after recently surpassing Queen Victoria. The first Prime Minister she gave audience to was Winston Churchill. Not many people could trump her CV.

The details in this castle is awesome. Look at the little gold crown above the light.

View out over London.
 I managed a few sneaky shots inside the State Apartments as, alas, they had a no photo policy (like so many places in Europe).

This is the Garter Throne Room where the Garter members have their meetings!

The Chapel where I found King Henry VIII's grave!
I've borrowed this picture of the grave as we couldn't take photos in the chapel either. The website it's from is linked HERE and has some interesting information about King Henry VIII's death if anyone's interested. Considering he was such a decadent King, he undoubtedly would've hated his unremarkable grave.

Also so one of those stereotypical London guards. I don't know how they see as the hat literally covers their eyes. One would think this totally impractical.

Because I couldn't get any photos inside, I've put a YouTube video here so anyone can see how glorious it is inside. It's got some good facts too.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

¤ Pancake Day ¤

As the post title says it was Pancake Day today! Since I was out with my housemate we thought it was appropriate to go celebrate. Naturally we ended up at the Breakfast Club.

(All of this is a lie, we did not know it was pancake day until we got to Breakfast Club)

We both had the All American Pancakes and I had a latte while Kezia had a Bloody Mary. Everything was so Yum.

Day 12》Back to London

On this day we started our trip back to London. We were up early for breakfast before getting on the bus to depart at 0800. The group that decided to stay in Paris still came downstairs (depite the early hour post partying) to say farewell, which was very sweet.

The trip itself went so smoothly we managed to get the hour earlier ferry which meant we arrived in London approximately 1600.

Back at the starting point we said our final good byes and reminisced on the 12 eventful days we'd shared together.

Overall I had a great time on this trip. I loved the constant activity and the many sights we managed to cram in such a short time. Being with other people was also a bonus because I've always been the solo traveler.

I will continue posting about this trip to embellish on my experience and share my souvenirs. Stay tuned!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Day 11》PARIS!

Oh boy, what a great day this was!!! We had breakfast at the hotel before departing for a quick city bus tour where Anna pointed out the main landmarks. I wanted to take photos but it was too difficult. Nonetheless, I have enough photos of my day. Our first stop as a group was to the Musée du Parfum Fragonard. It was a brief but interesting tour that show the history of perfume making as well as outlining the difference between toilette and perfume. If someone wants to become a perfumer they need to study in the south of France at a place for Grasse.

After this we went straight to the Eiffel tower for our 11AM booking. There was less tourists than the last time I came to Paris due to it being Winter. We got a lift up to the second level where we had a brief look around and then we continued up to the top level. The view is amazing! Another big tourist adventure ticked off the bucket list :)

I've got the standard tourist shot of the Eiffel Tower and I figured I better take one with me in it to keep the Family happy.

I look like a dork.

And here are the pictures of the view (as well as another tourist shot *cringe*).

It was really quite windy up their. Apparently they close the top levels if it is too windy. I can't imagine what constitutes as "too windy" it was really icy and strong up there as it was.

Don't I look happy despite the strong winds.
After the Eiffel tower the group separated and did their own thing during the free time. I chose to go to Sacré-Cœur at Montmartre. I'd previously been there and really liked it so I wanted to relax and spend the day there. I took the Metro from the Eiffel Tower. Just to be detailed I took the number 12 line up to Étoile and then the number 2 to Anvers.

My first activity was to take this dinky train tour "Le Petit Train de Montmartre". It was very rattly and bumpy but I liked that it condensed Montmartre and gave me ideas on what to do if I come back to Paris.

I had lunch at a small café where I had a savory crepe of jambon, fromage, salade et pomme frites avec café au lait. It was delicious. I then went into Sacré-Cœur and was overwhelmed by the choir singing an awesome gothic-y song. Unfortunately we weren't able to take photos so I don't have anything to show you. I did light a candle and got a post card for my souvenir collection.

View of Paris from Montmartre
From Montmartre I got the Metro to Place de la Concorde where we met the group and went back to the hotel to prepare for Moulin Rouge.

One word for Moulin Rouge = WOW.  Firstly the venue was beautiful with draped fabric ceilings, red lamps, glittery curtains and a mysterious ambiance.

As for the food and performance I was completely astounded and it blew my expectations. I wish I had photos but once again this was forbidden. We had a three course dinner to start with. My choices were the starter of smoked salmon with yoghurt. Mains was sirloin steak with potatos and mushroom. Dessert seemed to be a moussy / cake confection which I have no idea how to describe. We were given wine and when the show started a glass of champagne.

While I couldn't take photos, I managed to find the exact show that we watched on YouTube (I'm so happy to be able to share this!).

After the dinner we went to a bar right next door and socialised together as it was our final night together. I had a lot of fun dancing and reminiscing on the previous 11 days.

What an epic finale to a brilliant holiday.