Sunday, 31 January 2016

Day 5》Innsbruck to Venice

A very early start today. I'm at the front of the bus so I can see the landscape through the big front windows of the bus. It was such a beautiful trip!

We got to Venice midday and went off to the ferry to the actual sinking city which is an island built on the swamps. It is such a sight! The concept is incredible and one has to wonder who ever thought building there was a good idea?

We were very lucky timing wise as they have just gone into carnival season which means they are at their most glamorous. this made the dreary, rainy weather tolerable. People were dressed up in full renaissance regalia wearing beautiful masks to obscure their identities as is tradition. The San Marco piazza was extremely full and they had a massive stage built for carnival performances.

We went on the gondola ride through the canals. It was an experience to check off on the bucket list. We were able to see all the pokey alleys and landmarks that are iconic of Venice. While Venice is unusual and beautiful in its strange way it is also grubby and smelly. I'm sure the smell is ten times worse in summer. The canals smell like eggs and while we were in the restaurant for dinner the building's ventilation suffused with the odor as the tide went out.

Other things I did was see the outside of the Basilica Di San Marco. I didn't go in because the line was huge. Also saw the Rialto Bridge and wondered around the alleys looking at all the stunning masks and venetian glass which the area is famous for.

For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant. The food was sharing platters starting with bruchetta, carbonara pasta, calamari rings, risotto and a pesto pasta. For dessert we had gelato (of course). On the topic of gelato I tried two flavours on my Venetian adventure: tiramisu and pistachio. Both were great. Looking forward to more gelato while I'm in Florence and Rome. I also had an Aperol spritz which is very Italian. It is ice, prosecco and Aperol liqueur topped off with some soda water.

Shopping wise, I bought an authentic venetian mask in the shape of a cat because you have to when in Venice. I also found beautiful Venetian glass quills for calligraphy. I was so happy! I chose a pretty green one. What makes it special is even the nib is glass. It was such a beautiful shop and now I can say I have a small piece of Venetian glass that I actually like (I found that while all the glassware and glass jewellery was pretty, it didn't fit my bag or my style). Price wise, everything was very reasonable.

After dinner we got the ferry back to the mainland. Apparently after 2200-2300 Venice is dead and you can get stranded there if you miss the last boat.
So yeah. That's Venice! Enjoy the photos attached:

Today's itinerary:

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