Friday, 29 January 2016

Day 4》Munich to Austria

Chilly morning in Munich. Breakfast at the hotel was great. They had an awesome buffet that even included pancakes. Yum.

At 0830 we left the hotel for Dachau which was a concentration camp outside Munich. This camp was not known as a death camp but rather a temporary place before a prisoner was transferred. That being said the museum reveals that many people suffered and died in this camp. It was a very powerful place that makes you feel appreciative of what we do have.

The camp is on flat ground which only emphasises the sheer size of the place. It was so dreary just a wash of grey in different tints. We saw the barracks, gas chamber and crematorium. I cannot imagine how the prisoners suffered. The pictures I saw showed emaciated and desperate people struggling to survive. There was a memorial at the back to symbolise understanding for different cultures and religions so this will never happen again.

After that we left in a visual route towards Austria. We stopped at a look out to take pictures of the Bavarian alps overlooking a beautiful lake. So stunning. We also made another stop closer to the alps so that we could frolic in the snow. A lot of the guys have never seen or touched it in person before.  Chaos ensued with flying snow balls.

Once we crossed into Austria we managed another stop to take photos of the Alps overlooking the Ahkensie lake (I don't know how to spell the name). The view here is breathtaking and the weather was superb making for a truly remarkable experience.

When we arrived in Innsbruck we had two hours free time to explore the city. Naturally I went to see the Swarovski shop that had some beautiful art sculptures and, of course, merchandise. After this I went to the strudel shop, as this is iconic Austrian food, and selected a cherry and chocolate strudel with warm custard. It was very tasty. Conveniently the schnapps store was directly across from this so I managed to sample the original schnapps made from pine. It was sweet however it almost tasted like a whiskey liqueur. 

I meandered down the old city and the Maria Theresian straße. Everything was so picturesque with gingerbread-like buildings.

After the town we went to our hotel. Today we are in the Dollinger and it is the best hotel we have been to so far. Wish we could stay longer. We had dinner at the hotel of some kind of seasonal vegetable soup, veal schnitzel and a liqueur mousse. The schnitzel was amazing.

Now I am in bed. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Enjoy the photos attached to this post.

Today's itinerary:

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