Thursday, 28 January 2016

Day 3》St. Goar to Munich

Early start again -- alarm at 0630. I have a whole bunch of bug bites (bed bugs?) all over me. They are mostly on the left arm from literally my fingers to my collar bone. There are also some on my right arm, ankles and back. So I'm very itchy at the moment. All up I probably have over 30 bites. Interestingly no one else has this problem.

At 1130 we stopped for 45 minutes at a petrol station and got lunch.

We arrived in Munich in the late afternoon. We had a half hour refresher in the hotel before we departed for the city centre.

In the city we went for a walking tour. We saw a bunch of historical places that had been re built after WWII. Munich was the Nazi HQ which explains why so much was destroyed. After the tour I went to the pharmacy for something to help my bites and then I went to the post office to send my post cards.

For dinner I went to the Hofbräuhaus for pork knuckles, dumplings and a stein of beer. Everything was delicious.

Now I am in bed pretty tired. Sorry about the short post and lack of imagination it's just been such a long day.

See the photos. I've also attached tomorrow's itinerary. Photos include: hotel we are in, Munich in general, Hofbräuhaus, and traditional Bavarian dress

Today's itinerary:


Stefanie McKnight said...

Wow. Great to see how awesome Europe is. I'm rather jealous as I sit in my cubicle at work....

Oni said...

I've been bitten to he'll and back by bed bugs.