Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Day 2》Amsterdam to Rhine Valley

I throughly enjoyed my time in Amsterdam! Today I felt alright despite only getting back to the hotel at midnight. I was up at 0630 and felt fine even with the lack of sleep however I could see at breakfast people still drunk, stoned, hungover -- or all three!
At 0830 we departed the hotel to the center where we had free time to do as we wanted. It was very rainy and cold, which may seem like a drag but worked well in our favour. Usually the Anne Frank Museum is rammed with tourists and a line that goes around the corner. Thankfully we only waited 10 minutes!

The museum itself was very well organised which meant for a thorough overview of the place while being quick to get through. At some points I felt immensely sad to think of Anne, from all accounts, a vivacious girl who had to remain quiet and be confined in the attic of a house for two years. While she did not survive the Holocaust her father did and ensured Anne's dream came true: she would be an author.

The museum explains general World War II history as well of the identities and backgrounds of the people hidden with Anne. It documents her evolution from a carefree girl doodling in her diary to an articulate journalist with the thoughts of a person beyond her age. The tour ended with a quote from her father saying that while he never thought too much of her diary he never expected her words to be so poignant and mature, ending on the note that parents don't really know their children or rather what they are capable of.

After this I went solo to the Tulip Museum which explained how the Netherlands got their national flower. It was another well created museum/exhibition with lots of interesting facts. The frilly tulips (most prized in the past) are called "broken" tulips and the appearance is called by a virus which over years ruin the bulbs.

Once I was done there I went for brunch at the Pancake Bakery. It was so delicious! I had the cherry pancake which consisted of cherry liqueur/cherries, ice cream and cream. It was so rich!

The rest of the free time I meandered past the coffee shops (aka weed establishments) and checked out vintage shops on my way to the Central Station. We waited at the Victoria Hotel for our bus (at 1245) and we departed again to the Rhine Valley.

We arrived at St. Goar and had dinner. As soon as this was over we went to a wine tasting literally across the road. It was run by a husband wife duo. The husband had a speech defect from a stoke a few years ago but he had a special charm that did not affect his enthusiasm. He had so many funny jokes. For €9.00 we tried red wine, ros√©, white wine, dessert wine and the much and anticipated Ice wine. I really enjoyed the experience and at the end the glass we used could be taken as a souvenir.
Currently I am in the hotel bar having a pint of Germany beer "Bitburger". I've attached photos to this post. It's not interspersed within the writing as the blogger app is weird. Enjoy.

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