Monday, 7 September 2015

☮ Judy's Vintage Fair ☮

Today I went to Bethnal Green for Judy's Vintage Fair. It was good fun despite not buying anything except a beautiful cushion. It's held at York Hall and has a £2 admittance fee. It is full of gorgeous junk.

 A variation of the starburst clock from the 50s.

 An exceptionally good turn out!
 Me proving I was there! See dad, sometimes I'm in the photos!

 These nesting dolls were so beautiful. The photo does them no justice.

 There was a lady selling cushions made from retro fabrics. Her workmanship is incredible and I purchased a small one to support her business ventures.

Then we went off to Beyond Retro which is a second hand shop near Shoreditch. It was fun. I tried on a few items for fun as seen below.

After our vintage perusals we were quite hungry so we went to Tayyabs which is a Pakistani restaurant in Whitechapel. The food is so aromatic that when it is served on a hot platter you can't help but cough at all the spices in the air. It was so delicious.

Peshwari naan (coconut naan) and garlic naan.
Baby pumpkins
Spicy lamb chops.

I'll leave you with this image of a daring squirrel who was so determined to eat his bread he braved a quick snap at a close distance.

Till next time.

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