Sunday, 19 April 2015

Shakespeare's Birthday!

Happy Birthday (and death day) to Shakespeare! So the Globe was open for free today with birthday celebration activities like a bouncy castle! Like last year, I was in charge of the food decorating. Since the theme for this year was the play Hamlet (since it's on a world tour at the moment) every child received three cookies: a ghost, castle and skull, which are strong symbols in the play.While I didn't decorate the castle or ghost, I did decorate two skulls because they were SO cool!

I know I shouldn't brag (since everyone was under ten) but my cookies look awesome and are clearly the best :)

Additionally, they had face painters who did this lovely illustration to match my clothes and hair! She even put rhinestones on it.

Down below is the cookie workshop:

 Look at all the amazing sprinkles!

 I love these sprinkles, they are so pretty!

 The pictures above show what the Underglobe looked like. They aren't great quality, sorry.
Here's me decorating my cookie while we were between workshops.

That's all for now! Talk to you soon.

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