Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter at Covent Garden

Since I had Sunday off, I decided to go to Covent Garden to see the decorated eggs at the market. Unfortunately, this year they didn't do it -- which was quite disappointing. Nonetheless, I had an enjoyable time wandering around. Here are some of the sights:

I spotted this building on the way to Covent Garden. It is a Freemason Hall that is quite iconic for its Art Deco design -- I figure I should go inside someday because I love Art Deco.

Anyway, here are two street performers I saw just at the start of the Covent Garden Market. They get a lot of attention and are iconic of this area.

I like this toy shop and every time I come I like to poke around to see all the whimsical puzzles, theatre pieces and models. I particularly like the cut-outs below that are of specific theatre spaces performing a classic play. They even had a model of the Globe Theatre.

The picture above is just a nice window arrangement of Alice in Wonderland.

Inside Covent Garden Market.
The top logo belongs to a pub, but Punch & Judy is a traditional puppet show in British Culture.

I thought the man above was hilarious! He was watching the musicians (in the picture below) and he was such a stereotype that I just had to take a photo. I hope he enjoyed the bubbles and his ankles didn't get too cold.

The above sheep statue is a little fundraiser for children.

And my favourite part of the day was the street performer below. He had a mime style of performance and uni-cycled across the tightrope. I couldn't help but make the photos black and white because the location and his clothes were already so old-fashioned.

Tossing his hat from his shoe to his head.

Exclamation of joy at having accomplished uni-cycling the tightrope.

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Frostinana book is gorgeous

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