Thursday, 16 April 2015

Black & White ~ I ♥ London ~ Party

As the title suggests, it was a Black & White themed event with a secondary theme of "I ♥ London". Most of the things here were very affordable but have a big impact on the room's first impression.We even did a little DIY!

Here's what I wore and I even coordinated my hair to match. How's that for dedication?!

To make the floating candles, we just removed the aluminum casing and voila! They float.

With the flowers we had these old white vases and left over props from Christmas, so we dolled everything up by adding organza, feathers and pearls. In my opinion they look very Chanel.

Bar with a red uplighter.

Carvery buffet.

Dessert Station.
In all, it was a pretty cool event. I love themes!

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