Saturday, 14 March 2015

♂ Yvonne Todd: Creamy Psychology

Backtracking about a month ago (back at Wellington) I went to the City Gallery. This place is pretty cool as they seem to have a good range of exhibitions but the best thing's FREE!

So I went and saw the exhibition about Yvonne Todd. I'd never heard of her before but the exhibition was recommended because of my affinity for glittery dresses. And OMG, I was not disappointed!  There was a lotta shiny shiny stuff, it was enough to render me momentarily senseless.

The blurb from the website sums the show better than I can explain so here it is:
Creamy Psychology showcases the breadth of Todd's work since the late 1990s and aims to expand our understanding and appreciation of it. The show includes a display of Todd's collection of vintage designer gowns that feature in her images (some previously owned by the likes of  Liza Minnelli and Whitney Houston); and photographs by other artists that are reference points for her (including Diane Arbus, Bernd and Hilla Becher and Mike Disfarmer).
How cool is that?! There were dresses actually worn by the actors in the 80s soap opera Dynasty.  And there was even a gown from Whitney Houston. It's the closes I'll ever get to her now......not that I had any aspirations to meet her while she was alive mind you.

The exhibition initially started with all these slightly tacky, 80s portraits of mostly women. They reminded me of all the books written by Victoria Andrews for some reason...perhaps it's because the women all look like wall flowers and since most of her classic novels were written in the 80s they seem to go hand-in-hand according to my brain.

And this is the bronze statue in a street down Lambton Quay? I think. It's a pretty neat statue. And then I had dinner, which is the burger below. It was gooooooooodddddd.

Signing off now. Ciao.

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