Thursday, 12 March 2015

Climbing Monument!

So I'm back in London and the events team and I decided to climb Monument, which is a structure that will be explained in one of the pictures below.

I have an awful cold and I don't want to write much, so just view the pictures.

 Monument explanation in the description above! It was designed by Sir Christopher Wren who also designed other buildings around London such as the current version of Saint Paul's Cathedral.

 It was very windy and cold up there! We only stayed a few minutes to enjoy the view.

 Then after, we wanted to go to the Breakfast Club in Shoreditch, but somehow we ended up going to the Breakfast Club in Hoxton. Clearly all five of us girls are terrible with directions.

 This weird little kid kept coming to our table and staring at us with this weird intensity. Then he would raise his gun and shoot us. It was so funny!

 The plate above was the "All American Breakfast".
 My burger was the "Pink Flamingo" which had caramelised bacon and pineapple in it.

The two plates here are the classic pancakes and another All American Breakfast.

So yeah! Good time had by all. Now I'm off to bed.

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