Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wellington -- Day 2 -- The Harbour

 I really don't think this post requires much explanation: it's Wellington Harbour on a BEAUTIFUL day. The whole water front looked amazing and I particularly liked the odd statue / instillation piece in the picture above. What made this day truly remarkable was the fact there was no wind! A rare occurrence for Wellington.

 I love the picture above because of the geometric quality of the platform but also because of the greenish-blue water that looks so calm but also very saturated and very opaque.

 This is a neat sculpture. A modernist pyramid, perhaps? I adore how the slit reveals the almost pagan "totem poles". Would that be a fair descriptor of those poles? I dunno.

 This was the square with the weird orb hovering over the hustle and bustle of the capital.

 What I think is so neat about Wellington is the remarkable architecture around the city, such as this triangle creation on the harbour front. I have no idea what the building is used for but it is certainly an eye catcher.

This last picture I thought was adorable because the kids are "ducklings". They are part of some kind of youth program and they went off into the harbour to practice their kayaking.

I still have a few more Wellington shots which I'm sure to update about (here's hoping! Smiley face).

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