Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wellington -- Day 2 -- The Harbour

 I really don't think this post requires much explanation: it's Wellington Harbour on a BEAUTIFUL day. The whole water front looked amazing and I particularly liked the odd statue / instillation piece in the picture above. What made this day truly remarkable was the fact there was no wind! A rare occurrence for Wellington.

 I love the picture above because of the geometric quality of the platform but also because of the greenish-blue water that looks so calm but also very saturated and very opaque.

 This is a neat sculpture. A modernist pyramid, perhaps? I adore how the slit reveals the almost pagan "totem poles". Would that be a fair descriptor of those poles? I dunno.

 This was the square with the weird orb hovering over the hustle and bustle of the capital.

 What I think is so neat about Wellington is the remarkable architecture around the city, such as this triangle creation on the harbour front. I have no idea what the building is used for but it is certainly an eye catcher.

This last picture I thought was adorable because the kids are "ducklings". They are part of some kind of youth program and they went off into the harbour to practice their kayaking.

I still have a few more Wellington shots which I'm sure to update about (here's hoping! Smiley face).

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wellington -- Day 1

So last week I went on a mini-holiday to Wellington and stayed at the top (or was it the bottom?) of Cuba Street.

Cuba Street = Pretty darned cool.

I didn't do much on the first day, just walk up, down and around the street and surrounding areas. It's a artsy and vibrant area of town that has quite a few really novel establishments as seen in the pictures above and below this statement.

The place in the picture heading this post obviously used to be a laundry facility (obviously). For some strange (but clearly brilliant) reason, they've retained the laundry exterior and made it a selling point for punters. Inside it is an eclectic mix of the weird and wonderful.

In the pictures below this establishment is based outside and has a real "festival" vibe with the trailer providing food and a mixed range of seating options. All super hipster.

At some point in the day, I had to take a refreshment as being an explorer is hard work. This came in the form of a mediocre Flat White (I'm a coffee snob!) and a date scone.

On my whole trip I didn't manage to buy much. I admit that the older I get, the less I find most things interesting. I did, however, buy these pieces of amethyst from Cosmic because they are the same type of mineral but in vastly different forms. I liked that they are similar in overall shape and hope to make some kind of necklace highlighting their differences/similarities.

For dinner I was treated "Origami" which is a Japanese restaurant. It was delicious, however we made the big mistake of over ordering. Haha. By the time we rolled out, I was sure my stomach would bust.

 For the starter we had: Edamame Beans (steamed with rock salt [yum]), Hiyashi Wakame (chilled seaweed salad) and Goyoza (vegetable dumplings).

 My main was Oyakodon (braised chicken and rice) and miso soup.
 The other main was the Miso Ramen.

That's all for the first day. I will update about Day Two (hopefully) soon (taking in account my general laziness).