Sunday, 20 September 2015

Passing through

Just passing through Zurich on my way to Lustenau. Here was my dinner last night.

Monday, 7 September 2015

☮ Judy's Vintage Fair ☮

Today I went to Bethnal Green for Judy's Vintage Fair. It was good fun despite not buying anything except a beautiful cushion. It's held at York Hall and has a £2 admittance fee. It is full of gorgeous junk.

 A variation of the starburst clock from the 50s.

 An exceptionally good turn out!
 Me proving I was there! See dad, sometimes I'm in the photos!

 These nesting dolls were so beautiful. The photo does them no justice.

 There was a lady selling cushions made from retro fabrics. Her workmanship is incredible and I purchased a small one to support her business ventures.

Then we went off to Beyond Retro which is a second hand shop near Shoreditch. It was fun. I tried on a few items for fun as seen below.

After our vintage perusals we were quite hungry so we went to Tayyabs which is a Pakistani restaurant in Whitechapel. The food is so aromatic that when it is served on a hot platter you can't help but cough at all the spices in the air. It was so delicious.

Peshwari naan (coconut naan) and garlic naan.
Baby pumpkins
Spicy lamb chops.

I'll leave you with this image of a daring squirrel who was so determined to eat his bread he braved a quick snap at a close distance.

Till next time.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Blue Wedding

This was a wedding we did the other day. What made it different to the usual wedding is that the clients came with their own wedding planner. They had a strongly blue theme so there were blue plates and glasses which were rented. Additionally, the plastic bamboo chairs were also rentals.

There were lots of little details such as the jewelled napkin holders. Their place names were also very detailed and looked pretty perched on the wine glasses.

The table center pieces were multiple long thin vases. The florist dominantly used white orchids and hydrangeas. The effect was stunning.

Self explanatory: the wedding cake. This cake was actually fake and a very delicious real cake was on standby until the cake cutting ceremony was complete. In retrospect, I'm surprised more couples don't do this method. Its less fuss and also means a tastier cake (which is usually too soft to be used in a tier cake) can be used.

After the Wedding Breakfast they went on a boat trip down the Thames. During this time, we re-set the room for the evening. Isn't it pretty? I love the mix of colours although it was most unsettling on the eyes when you left the room -- everything appeared green as our eyes attempted to balance the colours.

Instead of a wedding book to write messages, they had a message tree and people would write something on a piece of paper that was then hung up.

The photos below were some detail shots that I think would apply to any wedding. 

Ceremony set-up facing Saint Pauls.
That's it until next time.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

✿ Summer Soirée ✿

 A few weeks ago we had the Summer Soirée at the Swan. It is one of the prettiest and distinctive set-ups I've ever seen. It was based off the idea of a Indian summer.

 There was sheer fabric suspended from the ceiling and, as you can see, it looks very glamorous. In the end alcove we hung these pin-wheels -- they were quite cute and integrated the sitting area with the rest of the room.

 Additionally, tapestries were hung in three panels across the wall. This was by far my favorite feature, they have a modern ethic quality that creates a focal point in the room.

 And, of course, summer would not be complete without Pimms.

 ...we were well prepared.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Just another day

Nothing too interesting to note, today I got up late and went for dinner with my housemate.
We went for pizza and a pub in Wapping as well as the George Tavern near our house. The George is a very old pub where apparently Charles Dickens used to frequent. It is so shabby but charming in its grunge punky-ness. I loved the drawings in the toilet stalls.

Friday, 24 July 2015

▶ Surprise Birthday Party ◀

Today's event was a Surprise Birthday Bash. It was kept completely secret by the b-day girl's boyfriend, friends and co-workers. She came to the Swan under the pretense that she was having a site visit on behalf of her company. When she came into the room there was an explosion of party poppers from all her friends and family. It scared the socks off me, so I can't imagine how startling it would've been for her considering she was the center of attention and had no idea what she was walking into.

The theme was country party with retro games. They had Space Hoppers, Croquet, Dominoes and an enormous Connect Four. They also had the not-so-retro Wii connected to our projector and screen.

As you can see, the room is decorated with colourful bunting flags and throws. Additionally, you can see hay bails that really add to the country ambiance.

I know these photos are a bit repetitive but I really love how colourful everything is.

So again, a really lovely and unique event to have seen.