Tuesday, 9 December 2014

DIY Project

So, the opportunity has arisen to do some DIY. My intention is to renovate an old pine chest of drawers that has been unfortunately uglified by some gold spray paint over varnish. As you can imagine, over time the spray paint has scratched off and the poor chest of drawers look quite...ratty.

I plan to sand it back to the pine wood and then perhaps add a design somewhere in block colour. Kinda like the ideas below:

Source: Oh So Lovely Vintage
I think the design above is really simple but striking. I would probably do the design in white or another neutral colour to give the option of colour scheme changes.

Source: dream green diy
The drawers above are really striking because of the panel of chevron. It may be nice just to do one of the drawers with this pattern?

Source: Draw'n In
 The set of drawers above I really like because of the almost Art Deco vibe. The piece I plan on renovating also has unusual handles that might suit this idea.

Source: Draw'n In
This design reminds me of some sort of game board. I really like it, although all the drawers I have are all the same size. Would it have the same effect?

Choices, choices, choices...

:) we will see.