Tuesday, 4 November 2014

† A Gothic Happily Ever After †

Last Friday on the 31st of October we had a very unusual Gothic Wedding. I was initially apprehensive about the theme but it was very classily pulled off and I have revised my opinion.

There were a couple tables and each was named after an iconic gothic series, such as: True Blood & American Horror Story. Each setting was a black plate with a rolled up crimson napkin being held by vampire fangs (as illustrated in the picture below).

The wedding favours were heart filled jars next to the glasses. The rest of the table was sprinkled with rose petals and black gems.

 The long table was where the bride, groom & direct family sat.

After the Wedding Breakfast the guests proceeded to another room while the original room was being reset for the reception party. They had tea and coffee as well as the ceremonial cake cutting. The cake was also exceptional with a skull dominating the top.

Gothic cake in front of London background.
So yeah, that's it. I just thought I'd share this alternative wedding because it's not often your bride comes in a crimson gown and all the guests look like they're off to a funeral!!!