Saturday, 15 March 2014

Shirlock Holmes Museum

The Sherlock Holmes Museum
 I went to see the Shirlock Holmes Museum in Baker Street with my friend. It was really cool and had depictions of book scenes as well as evidence. It is a low budget tourist site with entry set at £8.oo for adults.

The place is tiny! And absolutely crammed with weird and wonderful things -- and unfortunately loads of tourists. No jokes, it was a serious mission to take photos that didn't have some tourists backpack or sneakers within the shot.

Enjoy the photos below!

 The entrance which has a Victorian Police Officer at the door.

 Even the toilet roll holder was interesting.

 His Detective gear: hat, pipe and kit.

 Pipe collection.

 I thought about you Nef when I saw this on the wall!

 And another toilet photo for you Savannah!

 Take a guess which book the dog came from!

So yeah, that's the Sherlock Holmes Museum. It was a quick place to visit and you can most certainly see the influence in the modern British Drama of Sherlock Holmes. My favourite photo is probably the ship one just above my comment. Which one is yours?

IRELAND · Dublin · Day 3

On the last day of Ireland we went to Dublinia, which is the Viking settlement that used to exist in Ireland. It is combined with the Christ Church Cathedral so once you've viewed one, you can view the other.

Dublinia is an interesting tourist site but I would highly recommend it for people with children. It has a very watered down analysis of the period which can be a little boring for adults.

The Cathedral was beautiful, however we weren't able to take many photos, so you'll just have to trust my word on it.

 View from the top of the Dublinia shows another angle of Dublin.

 Really beautiful picture of the stain glass windows around the place.

 The crypt of the Cathedral.

 And as we left the Cathedral a rainbow appeared :) which was a lovely way to finish our holiday.

I loved Dublin and I would go back there in a heartbeat. It was so much fun and I enjoyed it with some really great people.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

IRELAND · Dublin · Day 2

So in the morning of the second day we went to see the Francis Bacon exhibition. He was such an interesting guy and his artist studio looks gloriously chaotic. His quote above sums it up pretty well.

And I found a John Constable piece which reminded me of when the Family went to Te Papa in Wellington and saw his exhibition. At the time I wondered why he ended up being so famous (and admittedly, I still wonder how, some of his pictures are just smudges).

If I ever owned a shop or cafe or something, I would most certainly put Emporium in the title. For example: Iona Emporium -- extremely unoriginal I know.

Below is the Needle that is in the city center of Dublin. It looks very sci-fi and is an impressive structure. It lives up to its name that's for sure!

Then we went to Trinity College!!! Oh my goodness, what a beautiful university and I wish I could've been a student there. It's something from a movie.

Not only that, it is the place where The Book of Kells is kept!!! I was so excited by this because I got to see the famous manuscript that I studied in university. Pretty much the coolest experience of my whole trip to Ireland. And only slightly shadowed by The Book of Kells was the Trinity Library. So incredible just filled with stacks upon stacks of books. 

Browse the photos below. My words do no justice to the place -- I highly recommend putting this on a list of things to see in your life.

Ireland's oldest harp.

When we left the college, we saw this funky door that I can't resist sharing.

Also that day, we went to the Jameson Whiskey factory. It was very much like the Guinness factory, though I think I enjoyed it even more. Now I can most certainly tell people the difference between this whiskey versus whiskey from around the world.

The original stuffed cat that used to roam the factory back in the day! Literally over 100 years old.

Below is the restaurant we went to for dinner. I can't recall it's name, but I do remember the delicious tapas menu.