Monday, 24 February 2014

IRELAND · Dublin · Day 1

Hehe. The long awaited Ireland post. So here it is, Day One!

The center of the city.

The amazing corridor of a brand new hotel that we got to visit. Looks like it's from an alien movie.

 The incredible view from the top of the same hotel.

This is a really cool tower we spotted on the way to the Guinness Factory.

I decided to make these photos black and white because I was feeling sentimental about the old factory. It is a really cool area to do industrial photo shoots.

The Guinness Tour was really great, in an extremely commercial way. It is self-guided so it is designed for interaction and is very easy to navigate. I can thoroughly recommend if you're in Ireland and want a guaranteed good time -- plus with a free Guinness at the end! (Which may not be a good thing if you haven't tried it before -- I reckon it's an acquired taste).

The above picture was the demonstration they used to show how they use 'pure' water in the beer making process. I had fun taking photos of this as illustrated below (I have many more which I have omitted because I'm sure everyone would get bored quickly):

Another angle with no flash.

Behind the water fall with flash and then made black and white. IIt is a very photogenic factory.

A rare picture of me!

My free Guinness at the end of the tour. Gotta say, it's definably not my first choice and it is an acquired taste. To me it tastes like a watery, vaguely coffee-like, bitter bowl of porridge.

If you look carefully, you can see the bartender has managed to put the Shamrock on the head of the beer. That's pretty cool and almost tempts me into becoming a bartender...

The area we had our free Guinness was in the Gravity Bar located right at the top of the museum. It has a full 360 view of Ireland and is worth the cost of the tour alone! Except in summer when I'm sure you'd boil alive since glass + sun equals a pretty hot oven. I was half blind most of the time since the sun was setting.

First night we went to The Porterhouse which was a lovely, rustic restaurant where I had Cherry Beer and Irish Stew.

The starter was a sharing platter of mussels and oysters which looked delicious, though admittedly I didn't eat it.

My authentic Irish stew with lamb. It looks kind of revolting in this picture, but I can assure everyone it tasted delicious!!!

This is the famous Temple Bar, which is the oldest pub in Ireland built in the 17th Century by the Temple family (hence the name).

It is soooo pretty and always soooo crowded. No exaggeration. Everyone packs in there like sardines, which is unfortunate for me, because I could only be in there for two minutes before all the customers started to annoy me.

I just liked these buildings because of their creativity and colour.

That's Day One. Eventually I might even post Day Two.