Thursday, 9 January 2014

Hampstead Court Palace

So, the other day I went to Hampton Court Palace with my friend -- I had a marvelous time. We started at Waterloo East station and got the train to Hampton Court, which took about half an hour. It was a very pleasant trip.

 The view above was the first thing you see about this impressive estate.

 This was the inner court yard where they have daily tours and acting scenes with King Henry VIII, his wives and various courtiers. They were quite funny too, so it made for easy learning.

 This is me hanging out with the drunks in the center of the inner court.

 This was the King Henry VIII's thinking area which lead off from the main hall. It had the beautiful stained glass windows you see above as well as the decorative ceiling down below. The ceiling contained the crest of arms from his wives and relatives.

 I remember the tour guide saying that there are eight or so of these highly decorative hangings in the main hall and the thinking room. I particularly liked this one because of the lovely elephants.

 Ceiling in the main hall where most of the tapestries hang.

 There were so many little details around, like the carved lion above that was on the balustrade of the stairs.

 The lady above was Catherine of Aragon, the Spanish Princess who was married to King Henry VIII for twenty years. She was his first wife and the tour guide described them as a "power couple" (like Posh and Becks!). Of course, this was before King Henry gave her the heave-ho for the newer models.

 And here we have the infamous King Henry! This was a revolutionary painting of its time because he was one of the few people in history to have a painting made with a full frontal pose to demonstrate his strength and power as the King.

And below, we have an exceptionally ugly man. Unfortunately I don't know who he is.

 And here I am trying the King's throne for size. I think I'm an excellent match.

I really liked the painting above because of all the details.

Above is Medieval graffiti on a fireplace in Hampton Court Palace. Chi lo prova lo sa which is Italian and means those who feel it know.

This mural was painting in King William III's apartments. This was in his stairwell and it was spectacular! This photo doesn't do it any justice.

Below is a room decorated in all sorts of weapons from King William III who was an avid fan of warfare, strategy and hunting.

Pretty cool, huh?

This was one of the chandeliers in King William III's chambers.

The gardens; it looks similar to the gardens in Versailles but, unfortunately, no where near as spectacular.
A selection from Queen Mary II apparently extensive porcelain collection. By all accounts, historians believe she was genuinely interested in porcelain because of instead of having a collection hoarded in a room, she had them spread over their chambers and estates to enjoy.

The Royal Throne of William III.

In the court yards.
Gate in the gardens.
My friend and I went to the cafe in the gardens for lunch. I chose a traditional stew, based of the recipe the used in the old days. It consisted of a beef stew, parsnips, carrots and mashed potato.

Below is the soup they were serving. 

Overall, Hampstead Court Palace was a really nice place to go for the day. I really enjoyed it and I learned more about King Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon and King William III. I bought a ticket online here and it was great value. I thoroughly recommend this for English history.

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So far, so good in achieving one of your New Years resolutions. Looking forward to reading about Ireland.

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