Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Recent Happenings

Since I'm gonna try to update my blog better I'm going to pass on updating all the months that have passed and just document what I'm doing now. Her are some photos.

The other day we had a Balcony Room event with the most amazing flowers, I just had to take a photo! I was seriously impressed by the simplicity of these arrangements.

Small vase with Saint Paul's Cathedral in the background.

Saint Paul's Cathedral.

Here are a few more images of Saint Paul's from the balcony.

A few days ago I went to Gloucester Road to meet up with a friend. I've never been there before so I took the train from Lewisham to Cannon Street then changed onto the tube. It is seriously a beautiful and expensive area of town. We also ended up having dinner at CocoMomo and I had a lamb burger with tzatziki -- it was super delicious.

Where we had dinner.

On Sunday I also went to Hampstead Heath with the same friend for a tramp. It was soooo nice, I really enjoyed feeling "in the country" even though we were still in North London. There were many flowers and few blackberries, although hardly prolific since the berry season is coming to an end. After our tramp we (once again) went out for dinner. This time we chose a small pub and I had Mackerel with Beetroot, creamed horse raddish and watercress. It was very delicious.

London Skyline from the Heath. The Shard I where I work!

This tree was insanely big! It must of been ancient.

Fungi growing in the tree roots of the fallen tree.

Quaint houses in Hampstead.

Funny Goose amongst the Swans.

These trees were so tall!

The Heath pagoda

Intensely blue Lady's Slipper. It was really stunning!

These were such odd little berries. You really had to see them in real life to understand.

Cookie Dough cheese cake which looked way tastier than it actually did. We ate this at the wee cafe in the park.

Artichoke soup at the cute pub.

My Mackerel. Chef could've been tidier when plating.

Adorable ticket booth at the station.
So that's all for now! I'm so excited, I managed to post something! I will try again soon.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Hi Blog...

I'm back. Just give me a couple days to get my post together and we'll be off laughing.

Monday, 1 April 2013


365 days ago I arrived in England with a holey plan to somehow live in London.

I have survived :) albeit, my plan is still a bit holey but I'm working on it.

Hopefully I'll update my blog when I have something more to write.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Metalic Blue.

I love this new limited edition Barry M polish. It came out as part of the Xmas stock.

 French tips with a feature nail. Each tip has a bow tie accent from my Cheeky Plates set. Literally: so adorable!

OMG. So pretty.

Sunday, 6 January 2013


I haven't forgotten you, Bloggy. I'm just not inspired as of late. I haven't even got a resolution sorted.