Wednesday, 1 August 2012

✚ Olympic Torch ✚ Damien Hirst ✚ The Old Operating Theatre ✚

WARNING: Huge post follows (well, bigger than usual!).

Thursday was my day off at work, except I was asked by my manager to come in because the Olympic Torch was coming to Shakespeare's Globe. So I did, I was also motivated by the Full English Breakfast we were promised. And as a bonus, I got to see the torch too!


Pretty exciting. I got to see, with my own eyes, a part of history.

Plus I was paid and got breakfast:

Everything: sausage, eggs, mushroom (yuck), toast, baked beans, potato-thing, bacon, black pudding and tomato (double yuck).

Then when I was done at about 11am, I met up with Nef and we went to the Damien Hirst exhibition.

Damien Hirst exhibition was amazing! I wanted to take photos of the displays but, of course, we weren't allowed to. So you'll just have to make do with my written descriptions. The pictures of me with this large anatomy statue represents one facet of Damien Hirst's work. Wish I could've seen the skull but it is no longer at the Tate. Oh well.

What we saw:

(All quotes are from The Tate Modern exhibition pamphlet). Pictures are supplied by Google.
The early works in this room, including the first Spot Painting from 1986, introduce some of the themes and motifs that Hirst would develop throughout his career...

With Dead Head (1981) shows the teenage Hirst posing next to one of the specimens in the anatomy department at Leeds University, where he often went to make anatomical drawings as a young student.

 The above photo is super creepy...

Also, there is a whole section dedicated to medicine cabinets and pills.

And, of course, there were the famous formaldehyde animals. They were incredible to stare at.

"I thought, well, if I can get one [shark] in a big enough space, actually in liquid, big enough to frighten you, that you feel you're in there with it, feel that it could eat you, it would work." 

-- Damien Hirst.

The cow was interesting, because she (yes, it's female) had been chopped in half so you could see right inside and find all the organs.

But yeah, I might continue on instead of going into the details of everything otherwise I'll never finish this blog post. The other notable thing about the exhibition was a room with live butterflies floating about. That was really interesting because it isn't often that you see an interactive art piece like that.

The video above has a quick summary of the exhibition -- this is exactly what Nef and I saw, minus the skull unfortunately.

Me with Olympic ephemera.

Another wall photo in South Bank.

Next, we went to the Old Operating Theatre which was also in South Bank. It cost £6 to enter. It was a very odd place, it felt more like a witches cottage than a hospital. It was built in the attic of a church and went missing for 100 years! Isn't that funny? A hospital just got forgotten in the middle of a buzzing city.

I love this sculpture at the door of the building. How neat is that?
Check out all the hospital-ish elements. So cool.
The photos that follow aren't the best, since the lighting wasn't great, and neither are they perfectly composed. They are merely meant to give the gist of the place. Enjoy!

The entrance to the attic.
This wasn't the official entrance back in the day and thank goodness it wasn't; imagine a sick / injured / whatever person clambering up those tiny, pokey stairs.

This was the information brochure we were given to explain the place.

Some awesomely gorey pictures on display.

Self explanatory, really.

Women's theatre room. Scary!

Hey guys!

Like my blouse? I got in Brighton.

Spot the horrified Tahitian guy in the crowd.

This piece of equipment is a bit worrying...

Apparently this was a frequently prescribed medication.

This doll is CREEPY! Wrapped in canvas and human blood.

Okay. That's it! It's taken me three days to put this blog post together -- therefore you need to leave a comment ;)

Hope you enjoyed everything as much as Nef and I.

Over and out.


Marta said...

Haha wow, Damien Hirst popped up so many times during WHS art lessons! :D

I would've loved to see The Old Operating Theatre, it looks so creepy haha.

Thejewellsparkle said...

Love your boots, I can't get enough of cowgirl boots, my favourite gold ones are almost ready for retirement :(. I'm Jewells by the way, I was a couple classes behind you at SRA. Enjoy reading your adventures.


Damien Hirst is polemic and excentric! I loved your post and pictures...sorry my bad english...hugs