Saturday, 18 August 2012

.Hyde Park. Olympic Villages. Museums.

I'm too lazy to write heaps for this post, at this point I just want to publish it before it becomes old news. Well, more old news than it is.

Day proceeds like this:
Went to Hyde Park.
Looked at the two Olympic Villages which were the African Village and Sochi (Russian) Village.
Nef and I then proceeded to the Victoria & Albert Museum (again) and then the natural history museum.

Hyde Park



The African Village was a combination of stalls from African countries. It was nice but very quiet. In contrast, Sochi was ridiculously pimped out and they had guided tours.

Gold plated Prince Albert Statue in Hyde Park.
At the V & A Museum.

Nef and I had this for lunch: Roast Norfolk free range chicken and vegetables. It was delicious!

Where we had lunch. Sooo pretty. Love the chandeliers.

Nef chose us a dessert. I'm not sure why the English have such an affinity for meringues.

Me in the toilets. Like my bag? It's the new one I bought in Camden.

Weird-as sinks in the V&A toilets.

Found these wicked things outside in the V & A court yard. They were good fun! Watch the video below for a full demonstration.

Then we went to the Natural History Museum. It was nice but definitely geared for children.

Entrance of Natural History Museum.

Flash Vs. No Flash.

Mum when she sees the crap I bring home. Or make a mess.

That's it! Short and simple.