Thursday, 12 July 2012

Old Spitalfields Market

Been ages since I updated. Exactly a month tomorrow.

Well Nef and I went to the Old Spitalfields Market at Liverpool Street Station. Pretty cool place with loads of antiques and novelty items. We had a good time...although I had to deter Nef from buying a fur waist coat that may (or may not, who knows) be Zebra fur. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Outside Liverpool Street Station.

Cool Graffiti wall.

Me with Cool Graffiti wall.

Bush Baby at Old Spitalfields Market.

I matched this phone box so nicely!

Can you see the little hands?

Nef happily poking around. I had to stop her buying stinky old fur coats. Ye-uch!

I bought all three! It was hell bringing them home on the tube.


Just jokes. I knew mum would throw her minions (cats) on me then probably disown me.

Letra Set!



And more junk. This would be pretty cool at home.

Edison Records! That's awesomeness in my opinion!

The first method of recording sound.

Ya think the supermarket stocks light bulbs that big?

Junkity Junk Junk.

Lots of (poor) dead animals at the market.
 Had lunch but I can't remember the name. Guess what... was pizza...again.
Zucchini chips with some sort of garlic-y sauce.

A crispy duck pizza made in a fire oven.

Nef stuffing her face.

Liverpool Street Station.
After that we went to Marble Arch (down Bond Street) to visit Primark cuz Nef needed better shoes. That place is so cheap and ridiculously addictive. Bought some nice things which I'll share with you.

Only £1 for a double pack. Score.

Parrot earrings, what I've always needed. £1.50.
Lovely turquoise and orange scarf which now hangs above my bed. £3.

Shiny leather shoes in an orangy/pink colour. Really nice shoes for only £6!

Nef and I both bought a pair of these! Shows how much we liked them! £15.
I also bought two lip balms for 50p so I emerged feeling pretty good (and not guilty) about shopping. Be happy Mum that I didn't buy three useless, very tacky flamingos.

Anyway, from there we went home and I cooked some food (which included some very nice sirloin steaks) for us.

That's it! A short and sweet post. Hope you enjoyed it!


Marta said...

When I saw those parrot earings, I remember a little wooden parrott I had that looked just like it except red.

Reckon you got a good haul there!

Stefanie said...

About time that you updated. I wish we did buy those flamingos.....M would have loved them and they would have gone with the parrots.

Sammy said...

Oh I liked those flamingos...
When arevyou two going to visit me and have a meal at the Arkle Manor?

PS those coral shoes are gorgeous!

twinkles said...

Blackster wants those flamingoes for his office.