Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Brighton was amazing. It was beautiful and full of interesting sights.

Thank you Mum and Dad.
Right! Onto the day.

Nef and I went to London Bridge where we boarded the 09:57 train.

Nef looking pretty chuffed with her organising.

Leaving London was pretty nice because you get to see the countryside. No sign of sheep though.

Quick nana nap.
It was a pleasant trip except for when trains, heading in the opposite direction, passed...every time this occurred Nef and I got a fright. It is a surprising and very noisy sound.
Brighton Station.

First sight outside Brighton Station. So picturesque.

Hello Vicky!

I hate using lol, but can't help it -- LOL!

By the way, do you like my new jacket?

Found this miniature was so cute and photo-worthy.

Church in Brighton.

First sight of the beach.

The photos look like we had amazing weather; this was not the case. It was quite windy and cold. There was blue skies in the morning but slowly the clouds crept in threatening rain. Meh, we got a good look around before anything went bad.

Tunnel beneath main road towards beach. Silhouette is Nef.

WOW. What a stereotypical shot of Brighton? Every time I look at this photo I'm astounded by my photographic prowess.

The stalls that line the beach.

Messing around. Did you know you have to PAY to rent those seats!

Adding a vintage feel with some sepia.

The beach is all rock. Must be HELL on your bare feet.

The old Brighton Pier. It looks so interesting as bones.

Cheap nik naks.

We had lunch here at Nef's suggestion. She walked passed it and went "I hate fish, but that smells damn good" -- something to that effect, I was quite astounded by her choice.

So we had this:
Smoked Mackerel sandwiches. They were very very very delicious. We thought of you, Dad, you'd have enjoyed those. We also ate them (stereotypically) overlooking the ocean. When in Brighton you must have a picnic.

Photography 101: Boats always look good in photos.

Another sepia moment. Aye aye Iona! Captain, crew and passenger. Ha!

See! My new bag! It looks great!

On the way to the pier.

More dinky wee shops.

Brighton Pier in the distance.

Love this photo.
Brighton Pier:

Nef has finally become a mermaid -- with weird-as hair.

View of Brighton from the pier.

Mum: I was so tempted, I really was.

Carnival rides at the end of pier.

Possible Internship opportunity?

Saw a mini museum of vintage coin operated games. This one told the future. It was pretty cool.

We had an ice cream because: how could you not when in Brighton? Epic regret. It melted soooo fast and I made such a mess of myself. Nef could barely contain her laughing much to my ire.


WOW. So amazing and weird at the same time. The building is a strange combination of Indian and Chinese. We wanted to take photos of the interior but we couldn't T_T. The inside was ridiculously decadent. We went on a tour which cost £20. Thank you Mum and Dad.

The Royal Pavilion was built by George IV and started as a modest farm house (can you believe it!). When he became Prince Regent he embellished it; the outside became Indo-Saracenic and the inside Chinoiserie.

Stunning! I love the chandeliers and the dragon / snake motifs. Just amazing. I can't even start to fathom how people 200 years ago achieved such a feat! The building was revolutionary because the architect built a metal frame around the original farmhouse and put the whole thing together from there.

Of course, it's not perfect: the place is a nightmare to maintain. The stone isn't suited for the salty air and English weather so dampness is a massive issue. Also, the music room was set on fire by an arsonist in the 70s which took 11 years to restore! The ceiling had thousands of gold seashells that had to be cleaned and re-guilded. And once that was done, one of the stone balls outside blew over in a hurricane right through the newly restored ceiling and embedded itself in the brand new replica carpet. The room has bad luck apparently because of the dragon / snake illustrations and sculptures -- in Chinese culture this is a bad omen.

By the way, this is the only palace not owned by the Crown. When Queen Victoria had it, she didn't like it because it was unsuited for her family so the people of Brighton bought it to prevent it being knocked down.

Anyway, enjoy the photos we do have of the Royal Pavilion.
A very touristy photo.

Fuschia's in the replica garden. Reminded me of Mum.

We also had afternoon tea there, technically two because just as we settled to eat our Devonshire scones and tea there was a fire drill and we were all evacuated. Needless to say, Nef and I weren't impressed. However, once the drill was over they replaced everything at no cost and we had a lovely time viewing the gardens.

I really liked these flowers, whatever they were.
And then for the rest of the day we looked around Brighton. It is a ridiculously photogenic town.

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos. We had a marvelous time and I doubt I'll ever forget it, even if I do I've got a million photos in this blog post ^_^. I was very trigger-happy with my camera. Nef and I may go back in September because there is a Biba exhibition starting then. Very exciting!

Thank you MUM and DAD.

Also, this is my 200th blog post! What a great 200th post, huh? ^_^.