Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Models Own Nail Polish

Went to Westfield with Nef to help source her work uniform. We had fun but we were so tired afterwards. I did find the Models Own stand which I've been wanting to visit for ages! I got three nail polishes and one free -- which was a nice surprise.

The store was so cute! Just look at the photos, sometimes I get too carried away with words.

So, this is how the polishes were packaged...I thought it was super nice.

My three choices. It was so tough!

Starting with my free gift: Ibiza Mix.

GLITTER! OMG! ♥!♥!♥!♥.

It's a really nice multi-colour, multi-shaped glitter fiesta! I put it on one finger to see the effect and loved it.

Onto the next one. From the Beetle Juice collection comes Pinky Brown. The most unoriginal name ever thought up but it's accurate. Really really pretty with a pink and gold iridescence. It also seems to have tiny flecks of glitter which add dimension.

And of course, back to glitter polishes. After a long deliberation I decided to get Scarlet Sparkle. Don't know if the name is worse or better than Pinky Brown. It looks like the shoes Dorothy had in The Wizard of Oz. I was surprised when I put it on because it wasn't suspend in clear lacquer like the other polishes. The formula seems to be tinted red and I'm betting when I take it off, it's gonna stain my nail. Oh well. Glitter is worth it.

 And then...EMERALD CITY.

GLITTER! OMG! ♥!♥!♥!♥ GREEN! SPARKLES! HAPPINESS. ♥,.,♥.,.♥,.,♥.,.♥

Yes. I got another green product but you should be happy it's not eyeshadow for a change. I couldn't resist green and glitter. What a beautiful combination. The photo does it no justice, nor does my shoddy application on one nail. In reality it is a rich emerald green which is really sparkly and doesn't need many coats to give a full effect.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say. I'm real tired now. The remaining quick photos were just of Westfield and Nef.


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Piazza Day Out!

The Piazza team went to Chapel Down the other day. It was awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed myself the whole time ^_^. So we got the train from London Bridge to the countryside and from there we were taxi-ed to Tenterden where the other Swan was located. It is in the Chapel Down Vineyard so we were treated to wine tasting and an epic lunch -- all of which was so cool (and delicious)!

The Chapel Down Winery.

Bacchus plantation.

Inside at The Swan.

Wine Tasting.

Me wine tasting.
The wines we tasted were:

Sparkling Wines.

Century Extra Dry: Reichensteiner, Rivaner and Pinot Noir. (£18.99)
Sweeter than the Vintage Reserve Brut with a broader, softer palate. Crisp, acidity balances the sweetness and brings out notes of apple, elderflower and hawthorn. A lingering, soft mousse completes this quintessential English fizz.

English Rose: (Sparking) Reichensteiner, Rivaner and Pinot Noir. (£18.99)
If you find some Champagnes too sharp, try this. From the colour to the aftertaste this has delicacy great finesse and high refreshment value. A light lemon sherbet nose with hints of blackcurrant, rosehip and strawberry on the palate.

Three Graces 2008: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier. (£24.99)
An elegant wine with finesse, delicacy and depth, a fine bubble and an excellent length. A great aperitif with canapés. Drink Now - 2014.

Red Wines.

Pinot Noir 2010: Pinot Noir. (£12.99)
Violets, plums and cherries and cranberries on the nose, along with a touch of peppery and earthy complexity.

Union Red: Rondo Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir Precoce. (£12.99)
A union of red grapes grown in England, this smooth, fruity and balanced red wine has been created by blending Rondo and Pinot Noir clones. Rondo is an unusual early ripening red grape with high colour, which thrives in England's cooler climate. It's union with the classic Pinot Noir and Pinot Precoce fruit, which produces gloriously attractive cherry and strwaberry flavours, creates this easy drinking wine.

Rosé Wines.

English Rose 2010: Rondo, Schonburger and others. (£8.99)
The palate is light and summery, full of juicy berry flavours and finishes refreshingly dry, especially when served chilled on a perfect summer's day. Great for spring!

White Wines.

Flint Dry 2011: Chardonnay, Huxelrebe, Bacchus, Schonburger. (£8.99)
Full of summery aromas on the nose but dry and full of fruit on the palate. A versatile wine which compliments all white meats.

Bacchus 2010: Bacchus. (£10.99)
A classic expression of Bacchus grown in the South East of England. The wine shows grapefruit, gooseberry, passionfruit, floral and mineral characters on the nose with tropical fruits, nettles and crunchy acidity on the palate.

Nectar: Bacchus, Schonburger, Reichentsteiner and Siegerrebe. (£12.99)
Look forward to marmalade, dried apricot, Clementine and floral characters on the nose and palate. Sweet without being cloying, this is ideal with cheeses and desserts.

Find The Chapel Down website here.

Bacchus Plantation.

Where the crushing machine, fermentation tanks and barrels are stored.

Fermentation tank.

Rotating baskets to make the yeast sediment in sparkling wine settle at the neck of the bottle.

Old fashioned "Riddling" rack. This is what they used to do to collect the sediment before the machine was invented.

Yeast at the bottom of bottle.

Machine to process sparkling wine.

Watch the clip below to see the machine in action.

The process of Sparking Wine:
  1. Bottle top (with beer cap) is frozen to create a solid form. 
  2. Machine loosens the beer cap and the carbon dioxide built up in the bottle helps to eject the yeast solids.
  3. Since there is a loss of volume a mixture of sugar and wine (that is identical to the sparking wine) is injected into the bottle. Bottles are turned upside down to mix.
  4. Corks are heated, compressed and pushed into the bottle. Cage is put on.
  5. Rest of the process is labeling and packing the new stock.

Lunch at The Chapel Down Swan. It was lovely!

Chicken salad with barley.

Surf platter: smoked prawns, salmon, cold cuts, pickles.

Roast -- which was very tasty!

This fish was sooo amazing to eat.

Oh Gosh! Dessert. It was decadent and incredible. There was a Lemon Tart, Strawberry Mousse with meringue shards, Rhubarb (ice cream?), chocolate (not sure what it was...a cross between ice cream and mousse. Maybe cheese cake?).

Then off we went to West Malling. We were at this cute pub for a while called the Joiners Arms.


Inside the Joiners Arms.

Then we went for dinner at The Swan.

This was very nice as a treat.

Starter of Pigeon breast with quail egg and pea puree.

Cannelloni: had spinach, pine nuts and mushrooms. I was so full at that point I couldn't finish it.
We got back to London at about midnight. I crossed Tower Bridge which looked amazing at night!

So yeah. A great day out, one which I will remember for a long time.