Sunday, 20 May 2012

Victoria & Albert Museum

Got there. Oh my goodness it was huge. Definitely another trip, next time I'll do a whole day and see the new exhibition (which opens tomorrow -- gutted) on Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950; does that sound like my thing or what?

Anyway, lets start at the beginning with the start of my day. Firstly I went to the Antiques Market in Bermondsey / Borough. To be honest, I was disappointed; it was quite small -- scratch that, very small with over priced antiques. Nothing special. Oh well, at least I've been now.

That's literally about the size of the market.

Mostly cheap junk.

These miniature guns were awesome...they actually shoot pellets and would be so neat to wear on a necklace. Only bad side: £65+ to buy. What a shame.

But I did buy something! I got a silver ring for £5.00 and I like it a lot.

Now onto Victoria and Albert Museum. Starts at South Kensington Station.

The Museum is a beautiful building inside and out. They have a really nice advertisement for it too.


Outside  (if you hadn't figured that out yourself).

Reception area. I love that squiggly thing.


In the Renaissance section.
Sculpture / Renaissance area.

Here is a good demonstration of flash versus no flash.

No Flash: Pretty. Looks good.
Flash: Gah!

Next few photos were from the Korean exhibit.
This was made in the 90s -- it positively screams 90s.

Outside in the central courtyard. You can sit down and have a coffee and enjoy the beautiful garden. I didn't because when a coffee costs a quarter of your grocery bill you start to think twice.

The Japanese exhibit.

This dish / thing looked amazing. So beautiful.

And then onto modern Japanese with the Lolita culture.

Then onto the Middle East.

And the influence of India on British culture:

Really like this fire place. So pretty.

Had a good time at the museum. Next time I go I will pay to see the design exhibitions. Be good, I think.

Gonna sleep now.


Marta said...

Oooh can't decide which exhibit is my favourite (I say as though I had been there with you). I really like those miniature heads in the Japanese one though! Awesome!

Stefanie said...

I agree about the flash thing, GAH! I liked those taxidermied dogs. They were cute in a rather revolting manner.

Oni said...

No worries, they weren't taxidermy dogs. They are just toys.