Monday, 7 May 2012

Kingscross St. Pancras -- Good haul!

On Thursday I went back to Carnaby Street with the intention of getting wool. I don't have a t TV and there's only so much reading I can tolerate so I've decided to crochet.

 Here's that amazing shoe shop again called "Irregular Choice".

 Pylones! I love Pylones --- Expensive, cutsie pie, home-ware junk. That's where my espresso cups with wings come from!

And the store I get my wool from is in Kingly Court. Picture below shows what Kingly Court looks like.

This is the wool I got:

 And this is how my new project is going:

A star shaped afghan! How cool is that? I've already progressed with three more blue rows and am back to the white.

On to Friday.

I just got on the tube on Friday and went to Kingscross St. Pancras and unexpectedly had a great day. I found an exhibition, a dirt cheap book store with audio books and I got a cute kids gumboot.

Here's the day in pictures:

(Sorry if the photos are a bit repetitive, I'm trying to get the best angles but often I don't have the time to compose so I just take a portrait and landscape photo).

Hehehe, all the phone boxes in Kingscross are covered in advertisements!

I really liked how these two buildings are the same colour yet their design are the complete opposite. I love the contrast.

And then I stumbled across a university exhibition in the crypt of a church. The gallery is appropriately named "Crypt Gallery". I loved this church / crypt / whatever. It was so beautiful.

And round the back this door was open leading into the gallery.

See the gallery website here.

Inside the crypt they had shoes lining the walls throughout the whole space. They said that once you'd finished looking at the exhibition you could take a pair of shoes home with you.

The photos might be a little soft in focus because I didn't want to over expose and ruin the ambiance of the place with flash.

The whole time I was there, I felt jealous of this awesome work -- that I needed to have something in there too.

Some rooms in the crypt had little abstract movies showing. They were quite entertaining to watch.

Some of the tomb stones stacked against a wall.

This chandelier was really awesome to look at. Eat your heart out Harrods, I'd take this any day over your overpriced crystals.

And when I left, I chose this shoe. I would have taken it as a pair but there was only one left. I thought it was too adorable to leave so now it sits on my window sill. I've got plans for it...

Also, later that day I went to Titus Andronicus in Cantonese.


It was executed so well I almost cried in the traumatic scenes when Lavinia is raped and mutilated. We don't see that on stage but the actress did such a convincing job I was really upset by the whole thing.

Great show, it really was. It was hard standing for the whole two hours -- my feet froze. I might upgrade my ticket when I go see Macbeth in Polish.

Onto my boot.

How to make a
Boot Pot.

The photos are really self explanitory.

I got these fuchsia's from Testco on reduced price for £1.12. Once I'd waded through all the dead fuchsia pots I found a descent one.


Yeah, I know. Lame. You can stop laughing at me now. I'll go back to my crochet now...


Marta said...

Oh, wow!!! That gallery looks amazing... so particular, London is a real treasure trove.

Sammy said...

That crypt gallery looks awesome! ARGH! I CAN'T WAIT TO GOOOOOOOO!!!!! grr!!

Stefanie said...

I liked that telephone box. Cracked me up big time.


Wonderful blog! beautiful pictures! I love it! hugs!