Wednesday, 23 May 2012

✦✧ Cleaning ✧✦

Yep. Title says it all. I'm doing my weekly cleaning tasks.
  • I've vacuumed my room and the lounge / stairs.
  • Washed my sheets (since the weather is half decent today [supposed to be 26 degrees today, I'd say that's a stretch]).
  • Washing my uniform at the moment.
Flipped my duvet the other way to be different.
 And here was dinner:
Dinner before walk. Chicken with cider and apple crumble.
That's it.

Also, went for a walk this afternoon in Southwark Park. It was great weather.

Strange looking swans.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Cutty Sark & Fan Museum

I got the day off from work. Yay! So I decided to visit the Fan Museum because it's nearby. I took the Jubilee Line one stop to Canary Wharf and then took the DRL line to Cutty Sark.

 And look! I found the Cutty Sark! Very impressive ship.

Pub opposite the Cutty Sark.

Found the Greenwich Market without even trying :)

It was pretty cool but I didn't see anything I particularly liked. Nonetheless, I took plenty photos as I walked round all the stalls.

The front part of the Market has all the ethnic food stalls. I heard someone say "It smells amazing in here"...I agreed.

Found this wicked little vintage shop called 360 Degrees. Had amazing vintage clothing. Albeit, very expensive vintage clothing.
Photos from 360 Degrees:

Don't you just love it? All the British memorabilia all over the place, can't go anywhere without seeing the Union Jack.

Little kiddies clothes.

Back outside in the Market.
Candle teacups.

I was tempted.

Dalmatian! How cool! Don't see many of them.

A store dedicated to papercutting craft. I thought about you, Savannah.

Royal College of Naval...can't remember the rest. They taught things to do with sailing I presume.

The Greenwich information center.

And the next few photos are sights around Greenwich.
Ship in a bottle. Looked amazing because it was so huge.

The Fan Museum is a great thing to do if you don't want to spend a lot of money. For me, as a I student, I got £3 entry, which was great ^_^. Normally the price is £4 so it's still a good bargain. The museum houses 4000 fans from all round the world and different eras. At the moment, their main exhibition was on plastics, it was called: In the age of plastics. Did you know tortoise shell is a natural plastic?

The Fan Museum. The little old lady at the reception desk reminded me of Faulty Towers. She would've fit right in. She was lovely and talked with an upper class accent.

"Souvenir of Egypt: Imitation ivory brisé fan, the top of each stick with a drawing in black with ancient Egyptian gods and other motifs separated by a drawing of papyrus; shaped matching cellulose nitrate loop. C. 1925." (The Fan Museum).

"Tipped with Feathers: Imitation ivory brisé fans, the sticks and guards each topped with grouse feathers which, in turn, are mounted onto dyed goose feathers. These fans can vary slightly, but it is clear that the synthetic 'base' has been added to by another manufacturer, working with feathers; all have loops in cellulose nitrate." (The FanMuseum).

"Black and White: Stunning waterfall ostrich feather fan with imitation tortoise shell monture; amethysts in rivet." (The Fan Museum).

"A Dainty Gift: Imitation ivory brisé fan, the tops of the sticks perforated with a classical 'Greek honeysuckle' motif and hand painted with swags and flowers; loop of the same material. Late 1920s. Length 16cm." (The Fan Museum).

"The Cats: A collection of fixed fans with 'fan shaped' screens; handles (flexible steel rods). Patented in 1924." (The Fan Museum).

So yeah, I really enjoyed this museum...there was a lot of interesting things and how often can you say you've been to a museum completely dedicated to fans?

Then I found the Greenwich Antiques Market:



Once again, I found this antiques market anti-climatic. It didn't have anything of great value nor were the prices cheap. Oh well.

On the way back to the DRL line I found this junk shop:

Doesn't it look amazing!

I had a quick mosey inside. Relax mum; I didn't buy anything.

Then I saw a grave yard, so I had to take another detour:

In all a productive day.

It's taken me ages to put this post together. Blogger is being a difficult with picture uploads. Grrr! Anyway, back to work tomorrow so I'd best finish up, go to bed and crochet some more. My blanket can now cover...not that much really. It does look good though. I will keep making it bigger until I've finished all my wool.