Monday, 30 April 2012

Waiting for Laundry

Since the weather is half descent today I thought I'd wash my sheets -- I don't have work until 5:30pm so it is something productive. (Fingers crossed the weather won't change!) While I wait for the cycle to finish I thought it would be a good idea to write a post because I've got lots of photos to share. So here they are:

Firstly, last week was the London Marathon and there were 51,000 people participating. It was insane because I wanted to cross the road but for over an hour people ran down the street with no gap in the masses at all. I've never seen so many people -- it just went on and on and on and on.

Spot the oddities in the photos below --- there were even weirder get-ups than this. Purple fairies, Smurfs, cans of beer, horses etc.

I spotted about 4 Save the Rhino runners.

 Kid next to me had this balloon. I wanted to steal it.

Unfortunately I missed the ANZAC dawn ceremony for a few reasons:
  1. It was pouring with rain.
  2. I'd have to start traveling at 3am.
  3. I'd have to get the bus and change 3 times.
However! I did go during the day, it was still pouring with rain but it was worth the trip.

 I liked this sign in Hyde Park Corner Station.

 Artillery Memorial.
 Arc de Triomphe.

I thought the memorial for New Zealand was a pretty cool instillation. It looks really modern but really effective.

Next we went to Knightsbridge where Harrods is.

They have a lot of amazing / beautiful / designer things for sale -- none of which is affordable but it was nice to look.

 I loved this woman! She was made completely from sparkling jewels and if you look at her afro you'll notice it's made from syringes.

 He was also made completely from little jewels. So sparkly!

 Wicked chandeliers!

 This was from the grocery section of Harrods.

Below are pictures of Harrods little cafe that sells cupcakes and macaroons. Very pretty.

Next we went to Piccadilly Circus. Awesome shops there, I will go back one day and explore more thoroughly.

The store in the pictures below sell the most amazing cutsie-pie shoes. They were adorable. I would've taken more photos but most of London has an anti-photo policy. Annoying.

Then we had dinner at this Mexican-inspired diner. It was very very nice!

And that ended the day!

Right. So onto other random photos. These are just some I've taken if the opportunity presents itself. They are taken with my iPod touch so not the best quality.

These photos of Canada Water were taken yesterday when I finished work.

My new paper lanterns that I bought in Piccadilly Circus. They are so cute and add colour to my room without adding clutter or weight.

And a random person busking. It was a busking method I've never seen before.

Well that's it! I'd better go hang my laundry out.


Sammy said...

You're going to have to go back to these places with me and stef. I am so envious! Hey, whose your blonde friend?

Stefanie said...

So cool. I love that mermaid. Thanks for the update.

Stefanie said...

By the way dad looked at you blog. Dad enjoyed your well taken photographs. Just keep taking photos and compose them as well as possible.