Wednesday, 18 April 2012

An update

Ok. So been living in this house for...five days -- I think. It's nice and I think I'm happy. There are some definite advantages which will hopefully pay off when the Olympics come. I will post pictures but only once I've got my room settled and looking spectacular.

Went to Borough Market last Friday. I actually wanted to buy groceries there and I realised it was actually quite expensive so I ended up going to Tesco. But here are photos anyway:

There was a stall just selling mushrooms and I'm talking about all sorts of strange looking fungi that look as though they may/may not poison you:

 Loads of beautiful bright looking vegetables.

And the fish section even had squids with their long tentacles hanging out from the display tables. I'm really not sure how hygienic that is -- I really really wanted to put the long strings back onto the ice.

One day I'll have some Pimm's.

All sorts of cheeses...

Decorations hanging from the fish stall.

So the other day was the induction. We spent the day signing papers and learning about the Swan and Shakespeare's Globe.

Here are some pictures of the Globe. Not the best because I took them on mu iPod.

And they gave us a really nice lunch from the Express menu which consists of two courses. I chose the salmon for my entree:
The salmon came with a seasoning on the edges. The bread was quite dense and aromatic -- very delicious. The sauce was a mustard-y hollandaise which made the whole combination mouthwatering.

And lamb for my main:
Surprisingly simple to look at but it was cooked amazingly.

So yeah. Not much to report otherwise. Going back tomorrow for coffee training and to learn how to use the tills.

Apprehensive but optimistic.


Marta said...

So this post made me hungry!

Good luck with the training, you'll be great!

Stefanie said...

Those fish make me feel queasy. Reminds me of my pet fish I let to rot....