Saturday, 7 April 2012


About fifty or so -- don't say I didn't warn you.

 So I'm working for The Swan! Woo-hoo!

 I want to go to The Clink some day...not until I'm settled though.

The other day I met with a QRC classmate's cousin. We had a great time together ^_^. We met at Waterloo Station and then went to Leicester Square. I will call her "M" to be clear.

 When we were there we had a snack. I had doughballs with Nutella and Irish Coffee.

Then we went to the market there where they had a whole display of eggs, and I'm talking about a hundred or so eggs! There were sooo many of them! I took pictures of a few that were convenient to do so. Everyone of them were beautiful in their own way.

 This one was made with coins.
 Loving the Pastel Tribal.

 Haha! This one made me think of Van!

 The bows were awesome on this one...all made from paper maché or something similar.

 Egg dispenser!

 Just before I finished QRC the Chef that taught us cooking mentioned Paella which is a Spanish dish made in massive paella I see those pans everywhere!

 Cutsie-pie cake shop.

More eggs....

Then I went with"M" to her place in Totteridge & Whetstone. It is definitely suburban London but very easy to get there...just half an hour by tube.

Next day...

I love this sign!

 There was an adorable Catholic church with this outside:
It was lovely.

Found the London Eye! And the Aquarium!
 Parliament Buildings!

 And once again in Camden...see it's such an alternative place. It's gonna be real addictive, I just know it!

 Monopoly: Waterloo Station!

Back to Borough: Borough Street Market:
 None of the venders ever cover their food -- that is so not right. I know that would not be accepted in New Zealand.

 The food is super cheap. No jokes. You can buy portions of vegetables for £1! (Btw: just figured out how to get the £ symbol on my laptop (Alt + 3).

For lunch I had a severe craving for fruit and veg so I chose these things:

 The Wheatgrass Smoothie mentioned right in the middle.

 It tasted very nice actually. I could taste the wheat grass which (admittedly) does taste like grass. But is grass truly that horrible tasting? I don't think so. The other fruits also gave it great flavour.

I also chose a Hot Vegetable Fujita (I don't know how to spell it T_T). It was a wrap with puy lentils, fresh vege and unsweetened yoghurt on top. It was spicy but really nice.

Other (uncovered) things at the market.

 The most gorgeous weirdest meringues I've ever seen.

 Quick photo from the Tate. I will go to the Damien Hirst Exhibition one day.

 St. Paul's Cathedral just off the Millennium Bridge.

 My little photo that I bought from Camden Markets.

 Went House Hunting in Canada Water. I really like this location!

*** *** ***
Monopoly: IRD Building.

That's it now. I'm real tired and I have a headache from looking for a place to live. I think I'm getting closer to what I want.

Fingers Crossed X

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Marta said...

In regards to the wheatgrass... I used to drink that loads in Thailand, mum bought it in satchets and after a while the taste grew on me... adding fruit to it is genius... we used to always have spirulina and banana smoothies, so good!

Anyway, just thought I'd share :D

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