Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Camden Market

As the name of this post suggests, I went to Camden Market. It was incredible! Everything you want is there.

There is this crazy shop that is like a night club. They have really loud music and that whole 'cyber-punk' theme going on. I wanted to take photos but we weren't allowed to T_T. They sell Sci-fi outfits (Think "The Fifth Element") with lots of fluorescent colour and all those awesome makeup brands like Manic Panic and Violent lips. I'll have to go check it out later.

Here are some photos. They aren't great because I was focusing on walking rather than aesthetics.

 A random chandelier that is outside in a tunnel. It was huge. Sorry, picture does not reflect this.

 There were tons of brass statues of horses.

 Entrance to the insane cyber-goth-rave shop.

 I think this is what the market was called? The Stables?

Not exactly sure...

After that, Emily and I went to a Pub for dinner. I bought us Steak and Ale pies with a pint! How English!

 And here is what the Pub looked like. Not a "typical" English pub because it is down Camden but still an experience.

And then Emily bought a round of "Desperados" which was interesting -- in a good way!

Okay. That's it. I'm so tired now. I'm gonna catch some zzz's.

P.S -- went on the Underground again. Got an Oyster card!


Stefanie said...

Great to hear that you are settling in so well. Mum and I are sitting here watching the news (I'm sure you are picturing that in year head right now). Ciao.

Marta said...

Super photos, Iona... this is all very exciting!

Savannah said...

Wow, exciting! Keep us updated. I appreciate you taking all of these awesome photos :D