Sunday, 22 January 2012

So much to blog about!

 I might do our holiday post over a few days because I don't think I can manage with all the photos I've taken...most of which is food, but we'll see how it goes.

Travelling from Wellington to Queenstown.


The motel we stayed the night in before our flight was really nice. They picked us up when we arrived at the airport bus terminal and dropped us back the next day.
Room at Airport Motor Lodge. At least, that's what I think its name is...

View out the window.
We went to MOY∑E∑ TAVERNA. It is this lovely restaurant selling authentic Greek cuisine. It really was epic food.
Went here for dinner. It was a gorgeous Greek restaurant.
Greek Orthodox church across the road. Mum took a fancy to it.

So, how the ordering system works is that you choose a variety of courses that you share with your dinner companions. It is a very family-oriented service style.

Our first selection was: Melintzanosalata (garlic bread and eggplant dip).
Garlic bread. So good.
Garlic Bread with eggplant dip.

I had Ginger ale.

Weird but cool ice cubes....I mean ice spheres.
This salad was amazing! It's called Lahano which is a cabbage and mint salad. Nef is going to try recreate the recipe when she gets home.

Next: Dolmanthes (stuffed vine leaves). Mum especially enjoyed them. It consists of rice wrapped in vine leaves.

I know they may not look spectacular but trust me, they are good!
And then: Spanakopittes (spinach pies).

And the meat dish of the night: Souvlaki Kotas which is char grilled chicken kebabs.

Then the dessert which is a Baklava. A baklava is pastry layered with a nut mixture--it is very nice.

Then I had to try the coffee--of course. I do believe it is made on the stove in the traditional manner. It looks quite strong (which it is) but not to the Short Black extent. They served it with a bit of Turkish delight which was nice.

Brand Caffe Molinari, which I do believe is an imported brand.

Me sampling. I know I look extremely rough but you would too after that trip.
Okay, so then the next day we went by plane to Queenstown and arrived at approximately 10:30. We took the Franklin bus to town then we roamed around the Saturday market--it was a stunning day.

These wee houses are constructed by hand and with glue. They're so beautiful.

I took mum and Nef to the Cup & Cake, which is one of my favourite places in Queenstown. Mum bought a box of six cupcakes which we ate later at the hotel.

I saw this car and desperately wanted it.

Then for lunch we decided to try out "Devil Burger". I quite enjoyed it and was full for hours afterwards.

I had the Devil's Staircase. Yum.

Nef and Mum had "Today's Special".
Nef and Mum's room at the Novotel. It was lovely.

Then we ate the cupcakes. SoOo good!

Okay. That's all for now. You won't believe how much effort it was just to do that small amount of photos. Sorry if some are upside down, I would fix them but it would take ages and I really just want to get this post out. It's been sitting in my draft box wayyyyy too long. Will document the rest at another date.


Stefanie said...

Well done on updating.

Marta said...

Great post, Iona! Got a thrill when I saw baklava, my grandma in NZ used to make it quite often... oh now I miss it haha.

Plus, Molinari! My grandmother's (here in Italy) surname is Molinaro. Just thought I'd share.

Lovely photos too!

Oni said...

Nef: Geez, Nef. Could you be any more abrupt.

Marta: thank you! The baklava was amazing. I wish I were in Italy...

BTW. your grandma has an awesome name.