Saturday, 31 December 2011

★✩✮ Happy New Year ✮✩★

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Okay, so let us review last years goals.
  1. Go to Makeup Artistry school. DONE!
  2. Write a story. At least one & finish it. Damn. Didn't manage.
  3. Keep in contact with my close friends. And I sent a heap of cards to my relatives!
  4. Practice illustrative type. Yep. Done some practice. Could do more though.
  5. Do the Diploma of Hospitality Management. Completed my first semester. Woop woop
  6. Complete defensive driving course. Didn't manage.
  7. Get my full drivers license. *sigh* Didn't manage.
Four out of Seven. Not too bad I suppose.

So, 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon. How exciting! Over the last few days I've been deliberating my New Year Resolution (as you do for the month of December). Here it goes:
  1. Go overseas for my hotel internship. Maybe London? Yes please!
  2. Be more social and exploritative. (<-- not a word I know, but I need something that fits...something like that word).
  3. Write a story.
  4. Be more regular with blog updates. 
This year mum has decided to have a FISH theme inspired by Gordon:
Wild, huh?

Don't get me wrong, it is a very sedate party and you don't even need to stay to midnight. Woop woop. So the party schedule consists of: entrees, watch the River Monsters DVD by Jeremy Wade, mains and then dessert. Party at midnight: Optional. So yeah. Here's the photos.


Par-Tay hats!

Serviettes. Cute, huh.


What I chose to eat.

Salmon vol au vent.
Tuna mold courtesy of Mrs. A.

Rollmops. Yuck.
  River Monsters interlude.

BBQ lamb.
Roasted mushrooms. Yuck.
Garlic bread and kebabs.
What I ate. I was already full from candy...
Salad from Mrs. A.
I made coffee. Yeah, it's crap, don't judge, it was on a home espresso machine. It was torture.

Dessert I ate. Homemade ice cream. Melted chocolate. Cherry sauce.
Warm cherry sauce.
I'm not sure...
Melted chocolate.
Homemade pavlova by Mrs. F.

Homemade ice cream by mum.
Good food. It was really nice. Now we are waiting for midnight.

Happiness to everyone! I wish you the best for 2012!

Edit: Look-it! 'n't it trippy!


Savannah said...

Wow great post :D

Firstly what adorable fish deco, love how the napkins 'stole' Ariel's Disney Castle... A sure sign of budgetness but nonetheless cheerful and appropriate.

The food looks pretty good too, I note with envy Mrs. F's pav...

So did ya enjoy my 3.10am forced FaceTime?? Hehehe although I am mildly disappointed you guys didn't get much past 12.

Savannah said...

Secondly well done on achieving the most important of your 2011 goals. You've had a hugely successful year of independence, shot bro (bet you love me saying that) and as for your new ones... EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope that you take action to set the wheels in motion soon ;D

Savannah said...

Lastly, WTH is up with that sparkly, naff GIF? It looks like it's been doing the rounds every year since 1987 when they were first created.

Marta said...

Happy New Year Iona :) I agree with Savannah there, you have achieved some pretty awesome goals! Congrats!