Tuesday, 3 January 2012

An exciting day (not).

Went to a cafe then helped paint the new fence in the backyard. At least it was productive.

So the day started with me spending ages putting on nice makeup for my passport photo...turns out the photography studio is closed since it is still only the 3rd of January. Really annoying but I should have expected it. *sigh*sigh*sigh*.

Mum and I toddled to Roam Cafe. I had a cranberry panini and mum had a salmon pizza. Unfortunately the salmon had a bone which got stuck in mum's throat and she still can't get it out...she doesn't want to go back because she's annoyed.

I hope it comes out soon, she was in quite a bit of pain. Cafe pictures below:

A copy of Reflections Cafe mirror wall.

Vintage brass (I assume, maybe copper) paneling on the counter which had been salvaged from the old building's roof after extensive renovations.
Pretty nice effect on counter. It was a good idea.
Painted world map on the wall with pins of customer home countries. Another idea from Reflections Cafe.

The work to renovate this building is extensive and very impressive.
They use vintage tea cups...again, another idea from Reflections Cafe.

Evaluating Roam generally I would say it is okay. The food, staff and atmosphere were fine although all aspects could do with improvement.

Now here are some photos of the family painting. Yes, it became a family activity.

Dad stirring paint. Such technique!
iPod dock for entertainment.
Assistant 1.
Assistant 2.
Entertainment / audience.

Hard at work but being sun smart about it.
One side of one fence complete.
A well deserved munch next to the beloved fence.

Ah well. That's all for now.

Signing off.


Marta said...

When did this cafe open?

Oni said...

Opened about a year ago.

Stefanie said...

update update update

Sammy said...

I miss your family! Please tell them so. I had such a nice time down in Wanganui.

OH! And Iona, I want a copy of your passport photo when you get it done. Simply because I have one of Stefs (she looked amazing so I demanded a copy) and it's kind of creepy unless I have yours too! :D