Friday, 27 January 2012

Part two: Holiday in Queenstown

So we decided to stay at the Novotel. It was lovely.

Me being silly.

Once we were all sussed, we started exploring. We went to Vesta Gift and Design Store which is also an adorable little cafe. The building is an original residential building in Queenstown and has only been minimally restored so that it retains all its original fixtures and charm.


Customers can sit in the glass house and have coffee. It would be awesome on cold days when you want to sit outside and admire the lake.
 Inside... Explanation of building is in photo below...

I absolutely love how the whole history of the building is preserved--even the water damage from lake flooding.

Awesome lamp. I want one.

 On display is all this amazing artwork for sale.

 Then we went on the beach.

 And I took them to the beach house cafe...

I recently discovered that the crown on top of the beach house cafe was originally put there in honour of the monarchy.

Yum yum cherries for sale on the footpath in Queenstown. I love summer down south!

At some point we went to the French inspired cafe called Solera:

At this restaurant they sold a $10.00 lunch that consisted of chicken kebabs, a salad and cous cous. It was very nice.

Mum had a mochachino.

My Flat White coffee.

My outfit by the way.

Later that day, we went to Frankton and had lunch at The Coffee Club. Mum ordered us iced coffee which was delicious.

Doesn't Nef look good in that hat?

 So here are some of the dinners that we had at the Novotel:

Mum's Indian inspired dinner.
Nef had a steak.

And this was an entre of gnocchi.

I'm not exactly sure what everything is anymore...I've waited a bit too long to do this holiday post and the details are no longer clear. Oh well. At lease you can appreciate the pictures.

Dessert. According to memory it was a fruit tart with ice cream.

This was creme brulee with biscotti.

So yeah, that's another post done. Will do a final post some time soonish with all the rest.