Sunday, 18 December 2011

Schools out

Yep. Finished my first term.


I'm so happy all the exams and practical tests are over. I was quite anxious especially for the lunch where we had to do semi-silver service, which is an element of fine dining. I had to serve four customers from the St. Moritz hotel--nerve wracking much?

So, pretty much I kept my Order of Service document in my apron and did all the steps PLUS I went through the extra effort of wine matching the food so that the term 5 students could get feedback as part of their assignment. I can honestly say, not many people did that because it is extremely confusing remembering who ordered what, who's first and which side to serve them from without having to remember which specific wine goes with each dish.

I was quite pleased with how it went. As far as I know, I did everything required. I carried three dishes to the table and also cleared three dishes for every course. I adjusted the cutlery according to what they ordered and I did pretty well especially considering the teachers were all over the place in regard to the wine. I was so irritated with the disorganisation in regard to the wines because firstly the teachers involved with that were late so they could only give us a very brief summary of the wines, then there wasn't enough and they kept informing us about what substitute to give, which eventuated into a convoluted mess. Conversation as follows:

Me: "So, our wines today are Olssens Pinot Noir or Heart of Stone Sauvignon Blanc."

Customer: "We'll have the sauvignon blanc."

I go off to get drink but...oh no! There isn't any. Run off to find teacher. Teacher says to offer the Pinot Blanc. So back I toddle to the customer.

Me: "We're out of the sauvignon blanc but we have pinot blanc."

Customer: 'That's fine."

Off I run again to get the pinot blanc but...oh no! There isn't any. So I'm getting exasperated at this point when the teacher informs me we do have the Heart of Stone Sauvignon Blanc but it's five minutes away for some reason. >> Back I go to the customer.

Me: "We don't have any Pinot Blanc but we've got the sauvignon blanc again but it's five minutes away. To be honest, I don't know what's happening with the wine."

Customers seem to be understanding. Who really knows though. The whole escapade makes me look like an idiot.

*sigh* never mind.

Oder of Service. Scrunched up because I kept it in my apron for quick referral.
The menu, also from my apron. What's up with them using Bradley Hand?
The complimentary glass of wines available for customers.

My notes on which wines go with which dishes. So tricky and such an additional stress to the lunch.
My docket of their orders. When each course was done I'd strike it out.
Well that's it for now. I'm sitting in my room waiting for Friday to come around. I've got the whole first season of TRUEBLOOD to watch. My sheets are on the line drying:

And I'm going to get my room all cleaned and ready for next term. I'd better go see if they're dry yet.

By the way, check this out:
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Marta said...

Ahhh that all sounds extremely intense. Bet you feel satisfied though! I'm sure you did a super job, especially with your experience :D

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