Thursday, 8 December 2011

Fire Alarms

Okay, so we had a fire alarm at 11:30 last night. The third one we've had since I've been at QRC.

The first alarm was accidentally set by people playing with fire in their room. The second was an actual drill and the third I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I've heard someone accidentally knocked a fire alarm.

Each time this has occurred I have been sleeping and wake up extremely disorientated.

I had gone to bed at about 11pm last night and I fell asleep right away until the alarm went off. I didn't know what to do (since it was at night and I'm so used to day time drills) and I didn't particularly want to go out in my pajamas. I did though, I put my coat and boots on and tramped out to the car park. Then the fire engines came through and all of the little firemen went in to investigate.

Once the all clear was given we tramped back in for bed. This time I had difficulty going to sleep...grrr! I was having such a good snooze before the alarm! But I am grateful there wasn't a real fire although I think students should be more careful! The fire service in Queenstown are volunteers so all of them would've had to have jumped out of bed and rocked up Fernhill. It's getting to be embarrassing!

Anyway, that concludes my rant. Here are a few photos that were on my iTouch.

So here's a picture from last Sunday. Isn't the view absolutely stunning? I took this with the free panoramic application DerManDar. Pretty awesome app if I say so myself. All you do is move the camera and it takes consecutive pictures which it puts together for you. So here are more scenic photos: (Keep in mind the resolution isn't too great, it was taken with my iTouch).

And here are some more creative photos using the free Instagram app.
 The beautiful church organ at St. Peters Church.
Windows at St. Peters Church.
 Lupins and Foxgloves which grow everywhere here.

The Remarkables Park at the Events Center in Frankton.
At Events Center in Frankton.
Okay. My final bit of news is that yesterday was the cricket competition with Hospitality vs. Adventure Tourism (ATM) students. Since I missed a cafe shift (because of my swollen eye) I was there in the BBQ stall to make up my time. Pretty much we set up, helped prep the food as best we could, served alcohol and then did all the dishes. It was quite a long afternoon but pretty fun. The ATM students won the game (unfortunately).

There was a really, really nice potato salad.

Absolutely tons of refreshments, beer and wine.

BBQ Buffet.

In the distance Hospo vs. ATM cricket game.

The awesome weather.

The Remarkables in Frankton.

Back of house? Errr... Back of tent?
So yeah, that's it. Only one more week of exams and we'll be done for the year! I may blog again before then...who knows.

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Stefanie said...

The cricket day sounds like it was awesome. Boy I wish I was there. Tomorrow I work from 8 to 5 at the library. I'm dying on the inside from the prospect.....

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